24 01 2014

As a Christian, I want to be known more for how I live it than how I label it. As a matter of fact, America’s Churches have suffered from an overload of too much “talk” without a substantial amount of legitimate “walk” to back it up! On Sundays, we may be known for awesome expository sermons coming from our pulpits but there is no substitute for us allowing the Holy Spirit to become the “ants in our pants” that prevent us from being content as wallflowers so that we can get up and join God’s dance! The historical “Enlightenment” wasn’t all that bright when it came to challenging students to not skimp on the practical side of the rubber meeting the road kind of catechism. Who was calling the believers to be responsible in living out boldly their love for Jesus? Who was going to emphasize the actions and not just the academics alone?

Our beliefs mean absolutely nothing to God without our behavior. Our songs are just noisy gong fests to the Lord without our hearts being fully engaged. And all that time spent in church may be lost if love is not driving the bus! Words can flow from our lips quite easily, but it takes a humble sold-out heart commitment to Jesus for him to transform us into being tasty morsels of God’s fruit basket. We have got to be willing to show others the love of Jesus before we simply barrage them with our Bibles! They don’t need to know what King James said if they can’t see it in you and I who live and breathe right before their very eyes! Christianity is not defined by how much theology that we know. It depends upon how we choose to live God in every moment of every day of our lives. Knowing God equates to us showing God in all that we say and do! The saints of old called it “Coram Deo.” Brother Lawrence called it “practicing the presence of God.” Jesus called it, “Follow Me!” What do you call it?

What motivates you? Are you stirred by that which is God honoring? Are you yearning to be consumed by God’s love for you so that you can give to others out of a full and healthy tank? Is ego making you go? Are you known more for your selflessness or selfishness? Can people see Jesus through you or are you more a barrier than a bridge to all that the Scriptures are about? There is no single characteristic of unredeemed man more obvious than that he is totally dominated by pride. It was pride that did in Lucifer who was not content until he could be like the Most High God. That move not only tripped him up but it caused us to fall hard also. What was that fruit in the garden that made Adam and Eve give in? It was something that had to do with “knowledge” that has kept mankind stupid ever since! There is no wisdom without a relationship with God. You can know it all and still be ignorant where it matters most if you don’t live as if every move you make, you must make with Emmanuel! Thanks be to God that because of him there should be a whole lot more shaking going on then there presently is in sanctuary’s across this country! Somebody wake up the congregations and get them to burn off some of the calories of content that they have been sitting on for far too long! Instead of lighting afire in the hearth- it is time to set off some fireworks in the hearts of believers like you and me. That would definitely make you not want to miss what God is going to do this weekend at a local church near you!

The Bible says to “Taste and see that the Lord is good…” But what kind of refreshment does somebody receive when he or she takes a drink of the church we may attend? Is that which should be delicious end up being way too bitter and sour? Forgive us Lord for being undrinkable water! Renew us so we may quench the parched and thirsty soul again! Allow us to get a fresh glimpse of you so that we remember why you left us here on earth in the first place. Faith in God should make us wise in what matters most! We need to stop playing dumb! If we claim to know it- then let our everyday behavior show it! Our private self must be of equal weight to our public self! Who we say that we are must be seen in who we are! What are we waiting for? Where there is no trust, the truth will not be heard and if the truth will not be heard, then nobody will be set free. Nobody will hear us if we don’t prove to be people of integrity. And we won’t be upstanding individuals unless we are seen standing on the promises of God. And by anchoring ourselves upon the rock, we will not be rolled when life shows us to test us. And they’ll know we are Christians not by our t-shirts but by the faithfulness they see- when they look at you and me! Stop worrying about being in “Who’s Who” when knowing and living “What’s What,” is the main deal. If the Lord just stops in to see what condition our condition is in- may he be able to recognize us not by our labels- but by our love! Without love we are just taking up space and wasting grace- which is the only gift worth receiving anyway.



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