9 01 2014

There is nothing like two God gifted voices blending their talents together in harmony. To hear such beautiful music certainly stirs within me what the Lord intended his creation to genuinely sound like. That is before sin came in and did us in and scratched the vinyl. Now every once in a while, we get little hints of the buzz that divine orchestration gives our soul, but just when we think all could be perfect- the record skips and we are awakened only to be reminded of the inadequate turntable that we are forced to listen to our symphonies upon.

This week we had to say “Farewell,” to one half of the greatest duo of the rock and roll era. Phil Everly has left the stage, but while he and his brother Don were on it- they brought us a sound that I am sure some of the angels became jealous of. When these two siblings, who had their share of rivalries through the years, would finally come together- the sounds that came from their throats made us realize personally that “Love Hurts,” and it was OK to “Dream,” even if we had to eventually “Walk Right Back” and “Wake Up Little Susie,” just so we could tell her “Bye, Bye Love,” I am no longer “Devoted To You,” because I have become “Cathy’s Clown!” The Everly Brothers made music seem so effortless. You couldn’t tell who was singing what part because the blend was beyond belief.

My younger brother Robert and I would sing for hours together trying to perfect the unobtainable sounds that we heard from these 45’s. At least we had the relationship part down and we did our very best, but Simon and Garfunkel- we weren’t! Did you know that Paul and Art actually began their singing days as a duo called “Tom and Jerry” and they wanted also to desperately be Don and Phil. One of the highlights of my own musical journey was getting to see all 4 of these legendary artists share the stage in Philadelphia one night several years ago. There were no “Sounds of Silence” that night as I sang along with every tune that had become engraved into my being! I never knew what I missed- until I got kissed by the symmetry of singing as one voice.

And if I may, please allow me to bring all this jukebox oldies reminiscing “Into the Light.” I wonder how much we Christians are all missing because we refuse to embrace a congruency when it comes to accompanying one another in the tunes of the key of living life? In the Scriptures, you can see God notes to encourage us to live as a choir- together in unity lifting our voices so that they compliment one another and make a sound so beautiful that it draws those who don’t yet know the love of the Lord to come on in and get a seat and join the concert! There is a time that even though individually we are our own unique person- something magical happens when we vocalize as many in such concurrence that we sound as though we are one! And I don’t think there is enough of those acoustics bouncing through the airwaves of our spiritual world today. It is always too much about me and not enough about us that we end up “Crying In The Rain” seeing “Good Love Go Bad,” when we could have showcased the real number “ONE” all along- and that is the Lord who gives us the reason and the means to sing in the first place.

Who is going to step up to the microphone, and with a brother or sister by your side, decide to harmonize? I am praying that you are answering my challenge with a boisterous “Let It Be Me!” I will continue to play my Everly Brother records until the day eventually comes for me to leave the arena. And when I close my eyes I know that the goose bumps will come. When I hear lyrics crafted like a potter bringing definition from the clay with words like “I could make you mine, taste your lips of wine, anytime night or day- Only trouble is- Gee whiz- I’m dreaming my life away,” I know what perfection could sound like. And I don’t want it to just be a dream. I want God to turn up the volume of the classic sounds that can be made when we collaborate and cooperate like the Everly Brothers! Don’t you want to hear what could happen when we commit to compiling our gifts as a single instrument for God to play so earth may get a taste of what the playlist in glory is going to sound like? They surely won’t be funeral dirges because nobody will be dying anymore! And that’s something to dance about! Play it again Phil and Don! Never knew what I missed until it wasn’t there anymore!



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