24 01 2014

There used to be a daily television show on CBS that was entitled “As the World Turns.” Growing up, it was one of my Mom’s favorite, “Soaps.” I never understood the fascination with the drama. It seemed so contrived and corny. Even as a kid I would laugh and wonder why all the women in the family were so drawn to this mush. And I will never forget how the organ music would crescendo in the background of the old black and white television as someone on the screen would say things like, “Doctor- Is it serious?” Me? I would have rather watched Ben Casey!

Now almost all the daily serials of the sixties and seventies are history. And life has moved on. And the sun still rises each morning and sets every night. And it is now the year 2014 and not 1968 anymore! I have become sobered to the reality that I probably have more days lived behind me than are still left before me. And before my time runs out, I want to be intentional about doing something constructive with the remaining days of our lives that they may be both eventful and invested in the eternal.

One day can change your life forever. God is in the moment. God is right here in this moment! There is still a new possibility available to you. You are never too young or too old to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands and plans. You are not stuck. You are not a victim. You are not helpless. You are not a powerless pawn thrown mindlessly into the midst of a series of random coincidences! We have nothing to fear. You can change your mind and believe right now. God is always inviting you to the banqueting table. Will you bring your appetite? The only thing you really can control is what you do with your choices. What are you choosing to do with the next few hours? How about the next few minutes? Step gently away from the big screen and put down the remote!

This is the moment. We must not allow ourselves to get too bogged down by the past or too overwhelmed by the future. How many of us have missed the present of this present twenty four hours? We make excuses while God makes appointments. We rationalize while meaningful paths that God lay out before us materialize before our very eyes. The Lord has high hopes to use us in order to make a difference in this neighborhood that we dwell in. Do we just take up space or are we doing something to improve our corner of the landscape? It’s still about the mission. Has God given up on us? No! Have you given up on God? I hope not! No matter what, God is still on the throne even as our world goes out for another spin.

Do you want to be part of God’s mission to redeem the young and the restless? There are too many humans stuck in the secret storm! He hasn’t abandoned the project. He who began this good work has given us a signed covenant written in a red ink that was stained with his very blood. God will deliver on his promise to end this story in another world in true victory. We are not going to be canceled or pre-empted or interrupted for a special bulletin. We are on stage and the director has written a masterpiece of a script. Look to God for your cue! The Lord has given us the green light to go into this pressure cooker world and live a life that loves God and provides a guiding light for all who are living on the edge of night. God says to love all my children and to point them in the right direction that as they search for tomorrow, they will find their answers today in a relationship with Jesus.

Will you do everything possible to help anybody who is willing to come to know and love and follow Jesus? This is our calling as believers because it was Jesus’ mission to get us all to make a sweet surrender to the Father. Make this a year of not just being a spectator. Get out of the audience and on to the stage. Let him make up a spot for you to be bright in! Get out of the stands and on to the playing field. Put your armor on and be bold and be beautiful and be all in! As the world turns, I pray our hearts burn for those who don’t know Him yet! This is about Jesus and us. This isn’t about labels. It’s about our Lord. How will you allow God to use you to get people out of the dark shadows into his glorious light? Don’t let this privilege pass you by. The credits will one day roll but the show’s not over yet! And now a word from our Sponsor: ‘Spic and Span!” Today is possible because of grace and forgiveness. Ready! Set! Action!



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