4 01 2014

The Christmas decorations have just been put away for another year. But if the cultural trends continue at its current pace- we will probably be seeing the first signs of Yuletide 2014 this coming Flag Day in June. Black Friday Sales will begin on Red, White and Green Columbus Day! And once again by the time the 25th day of December rolls around- we will be feeling a little cheated because the American version of Noel can’t handle the weight of the pressure that we place upon one day!

Christmas begins now! Christmas never ends! Christmas should be a frame of body, mind, soul and spirit fully engaged and fully embraced, all the time! By definition of the holiday, it means a celebration of Christ. Believers should be all about that goal 365 days a year. Why not put an all-out non-stop round the clock emphasis on all the intangible treasures that the baby in the manger modeled and taught us while he was here on this planet? We should shoot for this honorable standard every single day that each one of us gets the privilege to wake up and be for at least 24 more precious hours. Why leave all that is right about Christmas to just one rotation of the earth in the midst of the shortest and darkest days of our calendar? Keep the lights on and keep the songs of joy being sung and make relational connection unlimited. It is not about “presents” people! It is about “presence” people!

We need, as a people, to become reeducated when it comes to measuring time. God never created us to exist within a chronological context. We actually come alive when we live in the realm of quality moments! How many of us, though, are stuck in the prison of processing everything through hours, minutes and seconds? What if we could live without being bound to the clock? What if we ignored the fact that we were presently stuck in January and still operated like we were doing our days as if “The Christmas Spirit” was actively energizing our souls? How can we not be different as a people if we would only and always be jubilant about Jesus no matter what time of the year we are in? Looking out for one another! Putting our neighbor’s needs before our own! Desiring to give rather than just hoping to receive! Making it a priority to be together! Building in time to visit the lonely and offering attention to the normally ignored! Worshipping at church with candles lit and hearts open to being reflective! Quieting our hearts long enough so that we can hear the angels song still being sung in all of creation!

Those who live by the sundial will eventually be baked by the effects of the heat. How many of you are already buying the lie that you will never have enough time to do what your heart is crying out to experience? If you are waiting for permission, you will die in line! Society will never stop shouting at us to keep on hurrying, motoring along at a million miles an hour! We are encouraged to do everything as fast as possible! Then the voices of the so-called success minions that offer us nothing more than shallow justification for our futile attempts at jamming so many activities into an already exhausted time period get louder and more persuasive! Turn off the noise! You have got to know who to listen to. I see people all around me who are only existing and not really living! When we let our day timer run our show, it results with us having no lasting appreciation of what is truly happening- because we flat out miss it, blinded by our bloodshot eyes! You can spend your life complaining about all the things you will never get to do or you can get wise and decide to evaluate your itinerary with a new point of view that weighs matters not in minutes and seconds but in relationships and eternity.

Christmas forces us to live differently. We do in December what we only do in December because we let the calendar dictate us. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Who says that it isn’t a great time to bust a move beyond man’s measurements! Why limit our good will? Why not invite a little more peace into your planet? Why not gather the family together on a regular basis? Ask each other, “What are some of the best things of life that you are seeing right now?” Go and drop by a Nursing Home when nobody is expecting anyone to come? Send a Christmas Card in March! Isn’t Jesus just as real in Spring as he is in Winter? Why not approach this year with an Emmanuel, God with us, mentality? Joy to the World- the Lord has come- and let us receive our King that means he leads and we follow and maybe we gain more life in our days than just checking off wasted days of our lives.

Imagine that the battery in your watch has died but resist the temptation to replace it! Wear a watch where you are sent a different message. Maybe it doesn’t matter so much about what time it is. Think in terms of life! Think in terms of love! Where are you going and why are you going there? What are you going to do today? Why are you doing that? There are some things that you have to stop blaming the calendar for. There is no rush. Today can still be Christmas and by celebrating Jesus- you will always be reminded that the greatest act of love is sacrifice. Don’t live by what is written in your notebook today. It’s Christmas! Do what God has written in your heart and see if we can’t make the magic last beyond one day in December!



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