19 04 2017


What can I say? Some Preachers play golf; while I play the classic hits of all time. God created me in such the way that I have a jukebox in my soul. You say some words and I sing a song the sentence triggers in me. It doesn’t take much. Every little phrase can result in more tunes than you might be able to handle. And I am not afraid to sing at the top of my lungs anytime and anywhere. But I’d rather have my favorite songs playing full blast in my heart than entertain a scary and soundless silence that for me could only result in a blank and lifeless stare from empty eyes.

 Music is amoral. This means it is neither good nor bad intrinsically on its own. I hate labels. I remember when I first began my Faith journey; some well-meaning Believers wanted to ban me from listening to the radio ever again. That was the “devil’s music,” they said. For the record, the devil isn’t that creative. His specialty is sabotaging the good and perfect gifts that come down from our God above. Just like a knife can be used to either slice bread or stab somebody in the back; so music is an avenue where we can choose to use it for good or allow it to be hijacked so that we end up in a pit of slime.

 Is it ok for Christians to celebrate love? I hope so because I surely do. Is God the author of romance? You bet he is. Jesus is the Lord of the dance. He is the author of the symphony of our everyday existence. The Book of Job 38:7 tells us that the angels sang as God created this world into being. Do you like to work with the music on? It’s no accident. You are being like the God who made you! There is a rhythm to every move we make. We are called to march to the beat of the drummer whether it is via conventional means or our own syncopated high stepping. I do know that I can’t do this thing called life without the proper soundtrack. Singing in the rain shouldn’t be an option as I know it is a must to keep your sanity. Offer God a blank piece of sheet music and let him compose the melody that was always meant for you.

 Starting this week, there is a new format on your FM Dial. Its call letters are WJSE and its position is 106.3 The Shore. It will feature the classic hits of the sixties through the eighties.  Going to the Beach and listening to your transistor go hand in hand. Basking in the rays and jamming to the tunes of summer always triggers a bunch of cherished memories of days gone by. What are some of your all-time favorites? Wildwood needs a station like this because this is where so many of these magical moments happened in the first place. Where there is a treasured remembrance, there is a special song that seals the deal. Now we have a gathering place where you can share your requests and we can provide the time machine to make it yesterday once more; at least for a little while again.

 I love being the Pastor of the Lighthouse Church. Serving God and loving our people brings me an immense amount of joy. But as a Minister, I don’t believe I should be cooped up in an office when I can be out in the community touching as many lives as the Lord allows me to. I will be the Mid-Day Host on 106.3 The Shore Mondays through Fridays from 10am until 3 pm. I look forward to laugh with you, cry with you and sing together with you all along the way. My show is something the whole family can enjoy together. I see it as another avenue to share the love of God with one another. I won’t be preaching on this station. Preaching is not the only way to pastor. Sometimes the best way I can show you how much I care is to try to fill your day with songs handpicked from my heart to make a difference in your world. Because music means so much to me, you can be sure that I take such a task as the priority that it is. I hope we will be able to connect with one another quite often in the days ahead. Even if you never get to The Lighthouse Church, through the medium of radio, I can come to you.

 I also host a daily inspirational show called My Lighthouse with Pastor Rudy that is heard on Praise FM 88.1 and 89.9 at 3PM daily and 7AM on Sunday and it is broadcast on Lift FM 97.9 7PM daily and Noon on Sundays. But one show is not more spiritual than another. Because I long to do whatever I do with all my heart, each program I host is my offering to God with the hope that he will bless you much because of what you hear.       

 So give me a call this week and let me play your favorite classic record. Let’s make it a regular date. Let’s help each other do more than just make it through another day grinding and grumbling but let’s sneak even a dance in here and there. You turn the radio on and let me do what I do best! I’ve got the music in me, but I am not content to let it stay locked up there. You shouldn’t be either! 




2 responses

19 04 2017
frances nuscis

we have listened for two days on our way to all of the kids medical appt. they loved it I love the old songs.

21 04 2017
Bill Skill

Hey Pastor Rudy, I think it’s great that you are on the radio both 106.3 and 88.1 because I enjoy both stations very much. I listen to 88.1 quite often. I enjoy Charles Stanley, Un-Shackled and many others but I also truly love a wide variety of music and to hear the power in your voice and the music that you play on 106.3 while I’m at work really helps me get through the day as I have been struggling with certain things and I greatly appreciate you taking my requests. My wife and I really love the Lighthouse Church and all that you and the others do for the community, GOD bless you Pastor.

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