10 04 2017


It’s Easter week! Let me ask you some questions to ponder this Holiday week. Are you going to settle for a basket filled with chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps and an array of assorted jelly beans? Are you going to seek to find a treasure worth a little more than just multicolored eggs hidden in the yard? Do you desire a menu that is lots healthier than sharing a baked ham with family and friends, whom you may or may not be getting along with? Are you content to just adorn your outside body with a new suit, a sassy hat, and designer shoes while your heart remains naked and in rags? It’s Passion Week! Jesus modeled for us that without an internal purpose, we will be stuck in an external place that might very well forfeit an eternal presence with the God who created you to be with him.

What signs are you seeking this Resurrection Week? Do you know the marks that matter? Have you been clued in to ignore the motions of the crowd so that you can concentrate and obey the coach? I have loved baseball, played baseball, watched baseball and taught baseball for many years. One of the first things I go over with players so that we can all be on the same page is teaching the signs. People watching in the stands may see me going through series of physical gyrations; but if they don’t know what the signs stand for, they are clueless! The other team knows that we, as a team, have signals, but if they don’t know the specific indicator, they too, are in the dark about what I am communicating in the light, with my players. But my players, by having a personal relationship with me, should be able to translate what I am saying to them without using words. I gave them signs so that they don’t settle for a single, delight in just a double, or triumph by hitting a triple. Hit all the baseballs you want; but if my team never comes home—then winning becomes a hopeless pipe dream. Religion might get you to first base. Your good works might afford you a trip to second base. Maybe some outer effort could win you some time on third base. But, without knowing the signs of heaven, you are not coming home!

Please don’t give up on coming home this Easter! First is nice, second is OK, and third is a little better. But there is no place like home! Our Coach, the Lord Jesus, wants you to know the signs. Jesus isn’t just a good teacher, or a positive example. He did what He did on Good Friday and Easter Sunday so we could come home! He slugged the devil and death by knocking it out of the park for you and me! Players must fix their eyes on the manager’s hands. People must not ignore the Savior’s palms! What do you see when you look at the signs of our Savior? Nail scars are there to make you aware that He provided the power to get us off the bases! Some people look at Jesus, but miss the obvious! When He holds us His hands to us, palms up, it proves we are loved and we are wanted and we are able to score—to go home!

Good Friday Jesus held out his arms outstretched on the Cross to show us the width of His compassion and mercy. Easter Sunday was runs-batted-in day! He delivered us from dying on the field. He made the way for us to get back in the dug-out with Him to stay. When I see the signs on the hands and feet of Jesus, I see the scars He received for me. I see the distance He went to make you and I victorious! I see new life and a new identity.

What are you seeing in the signs this Easter? If you have nowhere else to worship this weekend, come by the Lighthouse Church so that you can learn the signs to get you home!
The Lighthouse has a Good Friday Service this Friday at 7PM. Easter Sunday Services are at 7AM, 9AM, and 10:45 AM. If you show up, the signs look real good that you’ll be looking up in no time this spring time for all time!



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10 04 2017
ken torelli

Praise God. I’m going home. Great message. I pray for all that read this Holy Spirit nudge there hearts. The Lord is Knocking

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