5 11 2012

If Christians are guilty of anything these days, it is the fact that we have put too much an emphasis on head knowledge and not enough priority on experience. When in history the Enlightenment came along and made the intellect the prime avenue of authenticity, society cheapened the importance of also knowing by doing. I am a firm believer that I have no right to tell you that Jesus loves you unless I am ready to love you too.

I sense that one of the biggest deterrents of more individuals embracing the faith is the fact that believers talk too much and don’t back it up with a walk that gives credence to their words. What made Jesus so attractive to so many was that he wasn’t just another Rabbi teaching about love, this Rabbi loved. It is time for the church to be the church and have enough courage to venture outside of the cozy building and take the gospel to the streets.

Faith is more than studying doctrine to be memorized- it is starting to do it and live it and bringing a boatload of love to it. Christians should be igniting a bonfire of benevolence wherever they may be. It is time for the church to be known for lots more than what we are against- but identified by all that we are for.

Those who have been blessed should be willing to bless others. We at The Lighthouse Church are presently working in connection with our denomination, The Metropolitan District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, in the area of how we can be a help to those who did not fare as well as so many of us did with Super Storm Sandy. Now first and foremost, if you live here in Cape May County and have experienced major damage to your home, have you shared what has happened with your church family?

Maybe it has been way too long since you have been a committed part of a believing community and this might be a great time to come back home to where you once belonged? It is also a divine opportunity for the church to step up and be the church and come alongside those who are hurting and need something to hope in. They don’t need a book to read, but a specific body to relate to. And this is not a job for just one “church” with a small “c” but a task for the “Body of Christ,” the Universal Church with a capital “C!” People can’t help what they don’t know about. And we are responsible for those that we say we care about.

What is God calling you to do about this tragedy that surrounds us. Chances are real good that you aren’t hearing Him say to you, “Just ignore it and make your own life comfortable!”

If you want to be part of a Ministry Relief Team that will be God’s hands and feet in helping those who not only need physical support but spiritual encouragement, you could RSVP me also by emailing me at pastorrudytlc@ comcast.net. You might be asking, “What would I do?” These rescue squads are being recruited to do some of the following:

1. Praying for and with people…

2. Comforting people in their loss…

3. Helping people inventory what they lost (insurance and FEMA purposes)…

4. Helping people gut their houses…

5. Helping people remove trash and debris…

6. Helping people disinfect and dry out their houses…

7. Helping people rebuild… (for skilled workers, and not people like me who are actually more dangerous with power tools!)

Another way to lend a helping hand is to do what we Sheptocks have been doing at our house. We are going through our closets and gathering up all the nice clothes we own but really never wear. I can’t believe how many coats I own and I hate coats because they make me hot. And why do I even own a sweat shirt? Every shirt I wear I already sweat in.

We are doing this to get ready for the giving our best away to those who are in need. I challenge all of you who read “Speaking in the Light” and haven’t yet done so to begin to do the same. Let’s admit that as Americans we all have way too much stuff and what a great time to share our surplus with those who are in a huge deficit. So gather it up and then email me and we will distribute it to others who not only don’t have the clothes, but they don’t even have a closet anymore.

And finally, if you would like to share financially, we have organized a “Sandy Relief Fund” you can give to and if you so desire to do so, you could make your checks out to The Lighthouse Church and put “Sandy Relief” in the memo and mail it to 1248 Route 9, Cape May Court House, NJ 08210. Thank you ahead of time to all of you who will sacrificially share the best of your time, the present of your talents and the investment of your tithes.

It was Jesus himself who said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” and I know from my own life journey that love isn’t really love until you give it away and pass it out with no strings attached, unconditionally and authentically from the heart. Grace is undeserved favor and I have been a recipient of God’s amazing and never ending mercy and I have learned that my merit is not based upon the size of my bank account or the amount of my possessions or the success of my performance, but the reality that the Lord loves me wave upon wave upon wave of His goodness and that is one flood I welcome into my soul.

I know that many of you are already involved and I salute and applaud your efforts. I thank you and affirm the sacrifices you have been making. I write this because this is the time that I believe there should be nobody on the sidelines and everybody get into the game for what is at stake is lots more than trophies that will someday be trashed, but lives that are precious and need to be cherished, each and every one.

Blessings to you all at this season of Thanksgiving for I am truly grateful for another day and it ain’t no sin to be glad you are alive.



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5 11 2012

You really don’t need a sweatshirt 🙂
Would it be beneficial for us to mail physical donations or is there a better way to do that?

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