31 10 2012

Today is Halloween and I have already made it my prayer to shine extra bright today! Rather than running away from these next 24 hours- and rolling up playing dead like an opossum in the fetal position- and withdrawing my welcome mat from my front door- and double bolting the latches so I can safely hunker down out of the sight of all evil- and shutting off all visible and physical signs that I might be at home- and pretending to be safely hidden away in my own little world-proof bunker- I’d much rather choose to do my living right out in the midst of it all! If I am truly to be the light of the world-which was the challenge from my Jesus to me- why would I ever long to hide the beacon under a bushel? How will you ever know about the joy I stand for if you can’t ever find me? How can I share with you the abundant life that I experience if I am always playing hide and seek with you?

To me Halloween is just another glorious day during Autumn- my favorite season of the year! I love the colors that decorate the surrounding displays that these human eyes are privileged to gaze upon each and every blessed day! I love the chill in the air! I love pumpkin spice anything! You put pumpkin flavor in liver and onions- I eat it! I love apples and apple cider doughnuts! I love hayrides and romantic walks under the harvest moon! Cue the great tune by Neil young at this moment! Can you hear what I hear? I love that it is getting darker earlier and there are fires in the hearth that with family near by ignite relationships in the heart! This is why I can’t run from a day that most of our culture will be out and about in their neighborhoods, decked out in their favorite costumes and actually opening up their lives to a little old fashioned community! If I say I love people- why would I send a message that I am not available today to those around me because it just happens to be Halloween? May the good Lord shine his light though me and maybe the heart will receive something much sweeter than a Hershey’s chocolate bar!

Well meaning Christians have told me that I am celebrating the devil’s holiday! Baloney! There are pagan practices associate with just about everything thing we do on this planet! What I try to do is take it under the umbrella of my walk with God. Is giving out candy to kids evil? Is dressing up like a favorite hero evil? Is opening my door to friends who live close by and extending some good old hospitality evil? No more evil than when I sneak a kiss from my beloved bride under the mistletoe at Christmas! No more evil than when I take in the fireworks display on the 4th of July! No more evil than when I eat groundhog on February 2nd! OK, I don’t eat groundhog- but you get the message! Whatsoever you do- do it to the glory of God and do it early and often and to others so that they may see your good deeds and glorify the Father who is in Heaven!

I have already told the devil that we are never ever ever getting back together again so he can go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me- but we are through! We broke up and I admit that it wasn’t that hard to do! I am forever connected to Jesus! He is my Savior and my Lord and the love of my life! And it is my heart’s desire that those who have been burned out by the goofy religious systems of men would come to know that it is not about trying to live up to rules that make you right- but by opening your heart to the Author of life that makes everything right! Don’t celebrate Halloween- but don’t use that a spiritual marker that you are more holy than me! Today I will reach out to others and give out treats and share my compassion and kindness and keep my door open and my lights on and hopefully you will see in me an innocent enthusiasm that wants to shout that it ain’t no sin to be glad you are alive!

So step out of your comfort zone believers! Christians are a lot like fertilizer. Piled up in one place they will burn a hole in the ground beneath them. But spread out over a large field they can do a lot of good! They can actually cause new growth to occur and new seeds to take root and new life to be discovered! Begin to care about everybody! Make yourself available! Bring Jesus to others who aren’t planning to step a foot inside a church anytime soon! Our job is to be seed flingers! We don’t have to hoard the supply as though God was limited in what he can give away! When Christians start loving their neighbors-whole communities are renewed!

So no tricks here from me today- just treats! And I am planning to share them with you whether you are a Christian or not! I am not in league with the darkness! I have set my feet upon the rock who is my everlasting light! Have a great Wednesday October 31st! This is the day that the Lord has made and we will be glad in it and share that contagious exuberance with others!



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