4 08 2020


This is no time to be apathetic when it comes to practicing your faith. If one chooses to travel the middle of the road in such a time as this; prepare to be roadkill. The happenings of 2020 do not contradict what we read in the Scriptures. The Bible makes it very clear that it will get worse before it gets better! Paradise comes with a price. Will we follow the Lord no matter what it costs? The only person who can answer that question for you; is you. Jesus challenged every potential disciple to follow Him. For that to happen, movement is necessary. You can’t stay where you presently are and expect to go where God is inviting you to be. Going to church is so much more than gathering information. Being the church by the Spirit is all about transformation. If that isn’t inspiration to your ears which will result in some holy perspiration down your back then you aren’t involved in cooperation with your whole self, pursuing Heaven’s anointing.

If we aren’t in the word of God with a passion and a hunger, how will the word of God be in us? Our comfortable American culture has allowed Christianity to be reduced to nothing more than just another hobby in the many compartments that make up a man or woman’s life. Jesus has never enjoyed sharing the spotlight with anyone or anything. If an individual is choosing to call Him the Lord, then there can be no other idols standing in the way. History has proven that the biggest weakness for the flesh has been a compromising heart, wrongfully giving its worship to that which takes but never gives back. God has always bestowed so many blessings upon His children and we fall more in love with the presents rather than desiring His Presence. We demand the gifts and abandon the Giver! As long as God doesn’t get personal, we will pledge a fickle allegiance to the Cross.

Let’s face facts people, apostasy is defined as a falling away from the absolute truth in the Bible. There will always be a contingent of wolves looking to feed upon the sheep by providing the flock what they want over the healthy nutrition they really need. Just because a self-proclaimed scholar comes along and claims that God has changed His mind about right and wrong doesn’t mean it is so. The Bible has stood the test of time. Egypt has no Pharaohs still ruling. Babylon has come and gone along with their impressive but temporary wonders. Greece and Rome no longer have a home. Why would Christians not know their history? Is the human race doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again? Pure observation doesn’t bode well for the people.

Let me make something very clear here. I am not preaching legalism. When the church starts championing inerrancy as they should, the church also makes the mistake of wearing the holier than thou garments that hold them back. Rather than practically putting the Scriptures to use in every day life, while showing people Jesus up close and personal, it is used as a weapon to beat unbelievers over the head. Coming down from Mount Sinai, it wasn’t God who hit Israel over the head with the commandments; it was Moses who threw the tablets at the flock. What was supposed to be truth that set people free became tragically used to keep the crowds away from Christ!

When we behave what we say we believe, actions speak louder than words and those presently fumbling aimlessly in the dark are properly invited into the light. Why would the Body of Jesus ignore the greatest commandment? In case there was any confusion, what was taught clearly was, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love one another as yourself.” As the times get more chaotic, our purpose as Jesus followers should be as clear as a chiming chapel bell! If I want others to hear what I say, I better be modeling my steps after the Master! It isn’t about us using God for our own agendas. It is about God using us to show the world the way home.

As we embark upon the future, you can be sure that unadulterated evil will continue to be unleashed in record proportions. Sin will forever be in vogue because mankind is selfish in nature. Woodstock could only be a pipedream because we won’t have peace externally until the Holy Spirit is allowed to recreate us internally which is our one and only key to eternity. We live in this world but we are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Politics can’t save us and popularity will only blind us. Preachers are only as effective as they stay committed to Genesis through Revelation. Unless we walk between the lines that the Lord has so graciously and mercifully provided for us, we have no hope and no future.

Wake up every morning with the attitude that today is the day the Lord has made and let us be glad and be ready to rejoice in it. We need to understand that people are not the enemy and it should never be an “Us against Them” scenario. “For God so loved the world that He gave His One and only Son that whosoever would believe in Him would not perish but have everlasting life.” God did not send His Son into the world to condemn us but to complete us! When will we stop trying to stuff pieces that don’t fit into the mark that belongs to God? We won’t have a message if we deny the Master who is the Creator of masterpieces.

Revival is what we need to be praying for day and night. Renewal of hearts is the business that should be occupying the priority of our time. Redemption is the story that brings God the most glory. Repentance is necessary if we are going to experience the turn around that we desperately need. Rejection should be our response to the lies that lead to compromise. Ready and willing is what I am– to follow Jesus until the day He calls me to His Arms. This is no time to run and hide but it’s a perfect season to set up a life saving mission a yard from the gate of hell. I’m weary of the daily news but I’m waiting on God’s daily bread. Our Father is still in control and Jesus is still the answer to whatever the questions might be. This little light of mine, your little light, everyone who claim to be Christians need to allow the Holy Spirit to ignite the flame like never before. The future of America depends upon it!      




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