9 03 2020

I discovered the amazing talent of Kristin Booth when I caught the premiere episode of a Hallmark Channel Show entitled, “Signed, Sealed Delivered,” back in October of 2013. The Series was created and brought to television by Martha Williamson who also produced the legendary faith-based program, “Touched By An Angel,’ on CBS. On “SSD,” we get to see the adventures of the fearsome foursome who are affectionately known as “The Postables.” This unique team works in the Dead Letter Office at the Post Office in Denver, Colorado. They lovingly reunite the lost letters with their original intendents and in the process there’s lots of mysteries to be solved, fun to be had and a little divine providence involved along the way.

The Cast is made up of a very talented ensemble that includes Eric Mabius who plays the leader of the band, Oliver O’Toole, a blast from the past, part philosopher and all gentleman and constantly reminding everyone to “trust the timing” no matter how crazy things may get along the way. Alongside of Oliver are the innocent dynamic duo of Rita Haywith, played wonderfully by Crystal Lowe, a free-spirited gal with photographic memory and the soul of a child and Norman Dorman, played by Geoff Gustafson, who is the sweetest guy this side of heaven, as creative as can be when it comes to tracking down the letters’ destinations and madly in love with Rita. To round out the quartet is the one person who seems to be from this century named Shane McInerney. She is a wiz with computers, knows how to work the angles and is the perfect answer to Oliver’s questions. Kristin Booth plays Shane and she made me a forever Fan out of me by making this character come to life in such the dramatic manner that I had tears streaming down my face watching her work her magic.

Since the debut of Signed, Sealed Delivered, I have developed a real friendship with Kristin Booth. She has been kind enough to come on my Rudy On The Radio show several times. She has an infectious laugh and authentic enthusiasm that is more than just a little contagious. I have grown to respect her immensely as she is a woman of integrity, passion and excellence. Whether it is in front of the camera or behind it, you can be sure that whenever you invest time in watching one of her efforts, it never feels like it is wasted. She never disappoints and always makes me applaud. I wish every actor took their craft as seriously as Kristin does. I wish every actor would treat their fans with the love and respect that Kristin gives.

It’s because I believe in Kristin Booth that I want to share about a film project that we can literally invest in and become a part of. The movie is called, “Capacity,” and it deals with a subject near and dear to my heart, “mental illness.” This is a story about commitment and responsibility. It’s a tale about how far patience and understanding will stretch when dealing with a relative battling their own broken psyche. It focuses upon a lady trying to help her own sister break out of the self-destructive behavior that is leading her to darkness and debilitation. Kristin Booth with the help of her husband Tim Ware directing, shines much needed light on how quickly a flame can be snuffed out when an individual can’t even recognize their own disability? And it questions whether the aid being offered by hospitals actually lead to any true healing at all? Kristin is stepping behind the camera as the author and producer of this motion picture that I believe needs to be made.

There is a campaign in process online at where money is bring raised to bring this goal to fruition. I am not asking anyone to support something that I have not already participated in by giving myself. There are several perks available to make your participation even more attractive. I am ready to do whatever I can to help reach that magic number that will make this dream a reality. When was the last time you were invited to become one of the credited producers in the making of a movie? It takes many hands to make a masterpiece. I would bet the ranch on Kristin Booth and this message must be expressed so that many more lives can be saved. It only takes a spark to get a fire going. Are you willing to strike a match for a great cause? I am hoping that together we will make the necessary difference. In a world that is in many ways more chaotic than ever before, let’s do something that tries to bring light and peace where there has only been confusion and ignorance before. It’s time to campaign for “Capacity!” It’s time to bring to light what must not be kept in the dark. Every penny turns the bulb in the right direction. Together we can make it shine! Keep up the good work Kristin Booth. We are right behind you!



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9 03 2020

This the life my daughter Kim lives every day due to her daughter being severely brain damaged at the age of 1 due to a shaking by the baby sitter. Kim’s daughter is now 25 this May but mentally about 1 and unable to walk or talk. This message goes out to let everyone NEVER EVER SHAKE A BABY.

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