15 10 2019

Ready... Set... Go.PNGIs being a perfectionist a gift of nature or something passed along via nurture? I have no idea what the answer is, but I do know that I have battled my high level of expectations from as far back as I can remember. Life is not a movie and I am not the script writer nor the director. Somewhere in between apathy and workaholism there must be a healthy balance. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for but that doesn’t mean this world doesn’t exist. I can tell you that my addiction to my own adrenaline rush hasn’t brought me joy. It might have brought me lots of success and the adulation of my onlookers but I’m not sure that God is applauding my efforts.

Contentment is rooted in being ok with who you are no matter where the Lord has planted you. Joy is not an event as much as it is founded upon the right relationships. Many of us would give verbal affirmation to the principles of loving God and loving one another as being the most important values one can aspire to, but more often than not, our behavior tells a different story. We drop people for projects and we give away too much of our soul to please a crowd that would mutiny against us at the first sign of unsatisfaction. God deserves the first cut of our absolute best. The Lord has never tried to substitute stuff when what we truly needed was quality time with Him.

What is your primary motivation as a person? Is it to be the best at what you do? Do you hope to one up everyone else? Are you looking for cheers from strangers over the sincere hugs from your family and friends? People have made millions of dollars and died bankrupt in their soul. What if climbing the ladder is not doing any good in lifting your heart higher? Do you love well? Would those around you describe you as being fully present when you are together? What good is it to recite the correct words but have your gut millions of miles away from the greatest goal of all?

Love is paramount when it comes to everything we say and do and are. You can be driven and still be labeled as the king of the hill, but that doesn’t guarantee that there aren’t fire ants inhabiting the territory. One of Frank Sinatra’s signature songs was “My Way.” The only problem with that tune is that nobody is singing it in heaven. If we are ever going to even taste what an abundant life is genuinely all about, it might be time to make doubly sure that we are approaching it God’s way. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all that matters and lasts will be given to you with no strings attached. What’s so hard to understand about that?

I am naturally a driven person. I hate to lose and I want to succeed with every challenge I accept. But if I am not fueled by passion for God and a heart for others, I won’t be internally satisfied. Neither will you. Trophies in our day and age have become so devalued that everybody gets one. Major League home runs are aided by juiced baseballs and good grades in school come easier than ever now that the government demands that a certain quota of academic excellence be achieved. What if I began every day by not looking around for my instructions but faithfully and intently looking up? I know that at this stage in my life, I can’t do something just to keep myself busy. I have been busy since birth. I am not ready to retire. I am so ready to recalculate. Driving in the fast lane constantly has taken its toll on my tires. My spirit is exhausted. But I know God is still inviting me to discover His secrets on higher ground.

Are you willing to inspect the fine print of your daily agenda? Are you doing what you do because you love it or is there more loathing beneath the surface? I know we must all tackle the hard tasks. Bathrooms must be cleaned and beds still need to be made. What I am saying is that we must be careful to not be casting our pearls before swine. Christians should not be examples of what boredom looks like. We serve the God of all creation and checking in on a regular basis with Him just might keep us from wasting what we should be treasuring. If this was your last day on earth, would you be proud of the legacy that you are leaving?

The Apostle Paul gave us a clue when he said to leave what is behind in the past and press on to the prize that still lays ahead. The golden ticket is not a position, a place or a possession. The greatest goal is a person and His name is Jesus. Jesus can’t rust or be ruined in any storm this old Jersey shore might throw at us. I am going to run this race with purpose in every step. If it doesn’t lead to Jesus then I am not signing up for track shoes. Every day must be unwrapped as the true gift that it is. I want my story to be rooted in passion and not just how fast and hard I was driven. Let’s tune in to the counsel of the only Coach that deserves the position. His name is Jesus! Please Jesus, be our passion! Ready! Set! Go!



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