9 04 2019

Res BFThis year will be the fourth Annual Men’s Resurrection Breakfast held on the Saturday before Palm Sunday at The Lighthouse Church. The last three years, we have had the privilege of hearing from 1986 Mets World Series Champions Darryl Strawberry and Mookie Wilson and last year we were challenged by the words of Tony Evans’ Son, Jonathan. We opened up the door dividing our Sanctuary from our Gym and filled the room with Men of all ages. What an inspirational sight to see Fathers and Sons, Grandpops and Grandsons, Uncles, Cousins, Neighbors of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and colors coming together. When Men have nothing else to talk about, it seems that sports have bridged the gap in ways that no other subject can. And for a few hours, we are able to see the fascinating worlds of sports and faith coming together.


As I write this today, I am missing my own Dad even more than normal. I went to Citi Field yesterday, home of my favorite Baseball Team, the New York Mets. I received my love for the Blue and Orange from my Father. He grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers Fan and when his beloved Bums left for California, there was no chance he was going to turn traitor and root for the Yankees. So, a few years after I was born, into the National League came this expansion team that we both fell in love with together. The highlight of my whole year was the day that Dad and I went to Shea Stadium together. I would wake him long before dawn so that we could be there hours before the first pitch! I cherish the many autographs I collected through the years because Dad loved me enough to show up so early.


There was one sentence from my Pop that would brighten up my darkest days and I experienced my fair share of them growing up. But when he said, ‘Hey Rudy, come outside and I’ll hit you some fly balls,” he would never have to ask me twice. I would want those moments to last forever. When we were out there together and I was doing what I loved best, all was right with the world. Today I wanted to ask my youngest Son Joel to go out and have me hit some fly balls to him. It didn’t happen as he was busy with other engagements. I felt a little sorry for myself but I understand. He had no way of knowing that my heart was breaking. I believe the old adage is true and that we never miss a real good thing until is out of reach! Still for a moment, I closed my eyes and I was seventeen all over again, drifting under that long fly ball from my Father’s bat. Oh, what I would give for another five minutes chance to play catch with him just one more time.


It’s funny that when Women get together, they are sharing the deepest longings of their soul within a few minutes of connecting. Men need a little more help and sports seems to do the trick. This year at our Breakfast, our very special Speaker is Lee Rouson. A graduate of the University of Colorado in 1981, Lee would go on to play Running Back for the New York Giants. The Giants were my Dad’s favorite Football Team, while I crossed over and became a Philadelphia Eagles Fan! The battles we would have when they would play each other are the stuff of legends. Lee was also a two-time Super Bowl Champion with the New York Giants in 1987 and again in 1990. Lee would finish his NFL Career with the Cleveland Browns.


Lee is coming to the Resurrection Breakfast to talk about more than just football. While it will be fun to hear the stories of his part in the victories against the Broncos and Bills, I know that everyone there will be challenged by the adventures that he has taken part in since those glory days. Rouson shares, “Throughout my life, I have made good choices, and I have made bad choices. The times that I made good, positive choices, my heart was in the right place, but I always did it for the wrong reasons. I also made bad choices based on fear and selfishness, and I suffered difficult consequences as a result. Then, I decided to put my full trust in God, and it has made all the difference. Now, I not only make positive choices for the right reasons, but I know I have a purpose when I place all of my trust in God.”


The one common message from every famous Athlete that I have ever heard from is that money, fame, power, drugs, booze, sex and attention never filled the hole in the heart. Why do we have to wait until its almost too late to finally admit that we need God to run the show? Why do so many men think that they can do it all by themselves? Even great Ballplayers have had to submit their talent to the decisions of the Coach! My life only began to make sense when I was ready to listen. Only my faith in the Lord has given me the wherewithal to survive the biggest losses that cut much deeper than a ballgame. Because of God, I know I will see my Dad again someday soon. Even today I shared with my wife Terri that I believe Dad will once again hit me fly balls in Glory. Just the thought made me smile.


This Saturday on April 13th at 9AM, I invite every Man reading this to come out to the Resurrection Breakfast. Other Churches hold these events and the tickets run as high as $25. We at the Lighthouse have made a commitment to never let money stand in the way of having their heart stirred in a good way. Tickets are only $5 and that is to just cover the cost of the Breakfast. If that is still too much, come anyway and I’ll buy you Breakfast! Make a memory and get an autograph. Have you and your Dad get a picture taken together. Invest in a morning together with the faith that what you do now will lead to a forever of life that never ends! 

The Men’s Resurrection Breakfast is this Saturday April 13th at 9AM. Tickets are $5 and available by calling 465-6690 or get them at the door!




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