12 09 2018


This past Saturday, we held a Memorial Service for an incredible Woman of Faith, Doris Fisher. As it was so eloquently written upon the Bulletin that every one received, “After ninety-one years of faithfully loving and serving her beloved Jesus, Doris is now rejoicing in His Presence- Face to Face! Doris leaves behind her a beautiful legacy of immeasurable kindness, exuberant hospitality, endless encouragement and eternal love for her Lord, her family and her friends.”

Doris Fisher was also an incredible blessing to this Pastor and in many ways, she was like another Mom to me. Doris was an architect with words constructing some amazing sentences that blessed and challenged all who read them. Doris loved her Hymns and not only appreciated the tunes themselves but also was a student of the stories behind their composition. I loved sitting with her and just breaking out in song together making sweet sounds and lasting memories. I believe we gave her songbirds a run for their birdseed!

Doris also had a knack for collecting stones. She boasted often of God being her Rock! Psalm 18:1-3 reads, “I love you, LORD, my strength. The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I called to the LORD, who is worthy of praise, and I have been saved from my enemies.” Her collection of stones had inscribed upon them character traits and fruits of the Spirit that any Believer would long to allow to define their lives. I too have been a rock collector through the years but more like Doris than someone who normally claims that hobby.

In the Scriptures, when God would do something amazing or miraculous along the journey, His people would build altars as reminders of His movements among them. The altars were not as we might know them in our day and age majoring on expensive ornate materials. Nope! These were nothing more than a pile of rocks. The stones marked the spot that the Lord showed up and served as a constant incentive that if He did it then, He could do it again. Let’s just say that Israel was known for its “Holy Rockpiles” decorating the landscape far and wide.

I have encouraged Believers today to do much the same with their “Jesus Memories.” Whenever and wherever the Lord revealed His mighty power and presence, we too should pile our rocks of remembrance. There should be altars of praise all over Cape May County for God has surely been at work in our midst! Doris was surrounded by her worship pebbles wherever she went leaving a trail that could lead anyone to the feet of Jesus!

At the Memorial Service, Doris’ daughter Carol made sure that all of us in attendance left with a stone of hope of our own! Also included was this note written by Doris Fisher herself.


It’s only a leaf-shaped tray of stones

But oh what a joy it does hold

The word inscribed upon each stone

Blesses my heart a hundredfold


There’s Faith and Trust and Serenity

And yes, there’s Courage and Prayer

Let’s not forget the Healing one

And God’s Love just everywhere

There’s Hope and Peace and Harmony

And a sweet Angel stone I see

Plus Wisdom declaring to all around

I am yours if you desire and ask of me


One stone has a question upon it

Inviting a pause in reflection

It asks What Would Jesus Do?

For the answer, God’s Word is perfection


I want to believe that the stones in my Encouragement Collection represent some of the richest free treasures given to me as a child of the King. To Him be all glory and praise!

When God looks to build his Church, He does not choose the generic cinder blocks, everyone looking as uniform as can be. No, our Lord takes us rocks of all shapes and sizes, from all different settings and each of us experiencing our own unique seasons and with the cement of the Spirit, creates a sanctuary that shouts His amazing handiwork to the watching world! I am honored to be a stone in the wall of faith, set next to Doris and all the others who have acknowledged Jesus as their rock, their strength and shield.

Jesus made it very clear that if the people didn’t praise Him, the rocks would cry out. The rocks cry out all the same. There is a non-stop symphony in nature that sings its songs to the Savior. Doris allowed her life to be a stage for Jesus to perform upon. She allowed her voice to be an instrument that God spoke words of life to all those who would take the time to listen. She planted her feet upon the immoveable Rock so that when even death came roaring at her like a rushing avalanche, it could not shake her faith.

Doris Fisher will forever be a part of all I do. Her love for Jesus was contagious and her desire to know Him and all He said was apparent. I want to, I need to be more like Doris because if that happens, I know I will be more like Jesus.

Only one life will soon be past. Only what’s done with Jesus will last. Are your feet on the Rock? Is your name on the Roll? I pray that when the Stones finally get to do their Heavenly Concert in the Presence of their King, you and I will be singing together! I know Doris is getting a head start!







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