22 08 2018

What's Your Story

The more you get to know somebody; several things will happen. One of the best things is that when you invest the time, you learn their story. We all have a story. And there is no greater sin than to keep a story that was meant to be lived out in light, lost in the dark.


As a devoted Pastor, I want everyone reading this today to make sure that you allow God to write your story. As a committed Shepherd, I want you to live your story. As a Brother in Christ, I want to at the very least, know your story. Last week, I got to know a member of our Congregation a bit better via  a very difficult time. I was given the honor to walk with him through the Memorial Service for his Mother. The whole experience gave me a true deeper appreciation for the Man himself. Just like the Lighthouse Church, I believe that every place of worship is a Library of God’s word and work. Rather than seeing how fast you can get in and out of the building, decide to make some time and get to know God’s handiwork all around you. Your new best friend may be sitting in the same row as you!


God’s Word wasn’t dumped upon us by Heaven throwing books at us from Glory. We didn’t have to go to classes and take courses to learn the special truth that God revealed to us. God became flesh and became like one of us and literally moved within our neighborhood to communicate with us in terms we could understand. Throughout history, God has always communicated through human beings who look, talk, and behave just like we do.


How can we tell when God has really spoken and when we are hearing from a false prophet? The Scripture does not leave us without help in discerning the true from the false. First, we must remember that God’s actions in the world always agree with His words. The Bible states that God is its author, and that He is also the Maker of the physical universe and all the forces that are at work.\ He is the Controller, the King, the Lord over all of history and the affairs of men. If this is true, then we can expect experience to confirm what the Bible says. History testifies to the fact that God never acts contrary to His Word.


This means that if someone promises something that the Word of God does not verify, we can know immediately that we have heard false teaching. Furthermore, when a man or woman predicts that a certain future event will occur and it does not happen, the Bible declares that person to be a false prophet; the prophecy is to be disregarded, since it is not the Word of God. The Bible makes the amazing claim that every one of its predictions is 100 percent accurate. Measured by that standard, some of the secular forecasts we hear today are rather ridiculous.


Here are 10 Future Predictions made by the so-called experts that never came true. A lot of people claim to have the ability predict the future, such as the famous Nostradamus. There is something special about trying to predict future events and as such, people have been doing it or attempting to do it for centuries. Some of their predictions have probably come true, but many seem to be way off base. These predictions, whether small or big, have clearly been exposed by time. Here are 10 predictions about the future that didn’t quite come true. 


  1. Rail Travel At High Speed Is Not Possible Because The Passengers Would Die Of Asphyxia – Dr. Dionysys Larder In 1828
  2. The Telephone Has Too Many Flaws To Be Seriously Considered As A Means Of Communication – William Orton In 1876
  3. The Horse Is Here To Stay But The Automobile Is Only A Fad – The President Of The Michigan Savings Bank To Henry Ford’s Lawyer, 1903
  4. Television Won’t Last. It’s A Flash In The Pan – Mary Somerville In 1948
  5. Rock And Roll Will Be Gone By June – Variety Magazine In 1955
  6. The Beatles Have No Future In Show Business – Decca Records Executive To Brian Epstein In 1962
  7. The Internet Will Catastrophically Collapse In 1996 – Robert Metcalfe In 1995
  8. Next Christmas, The iPod Will Be Dead, Finished, Gone – Alan Sugar
  9. The World will End in December of 2012- The Mayan Calendar
  10. What anybody else other than God definitively says about you!!!


Who is going to tell you who you are and what you can do and what you were created to be? There is a big difference between believing that you were created by a Loving God and being nothing more than a product of evolution. The Bible shows us the way God reached out to us in spite of our behavior. What could have ended up a tragedy can become a triumph if you will just humbly allow God to direct your blockbuster. He wants the light of your story to shine bright so others may know that God never produces junk. The enemy wants nothing more than to see your footage become nothing more than wasted film left on the cutting room floor! I think I hear God yell, “Action!” The next move is up to you!



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