5 07 2018


Did you know that out of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, storks are some of the most loving and tender of the species that God has designed? Mother storks aggressively watch over and carefully nurture their babies just like a human Mama would! Plus, the tender loving care that these birds have for one another never dies. Adult storks genuinely look out for one another and meet each other’s needs throughout life.

Even when a stork becomes old and gray, the bird is never banished to fend for itself. Studies show that when an elderly member has difficulty keeping up with the others, another younger stork will fly alongside the aged stork and allow it to rest its wings on theirs. These storks help each other fly more effectively, and they are constantly touching, nurturing, and protecting one another. It is no wonder that the Greeks used the word “storge” to both define and describe “family love.” The early church was known for its “storge” (pronounced store-gay) affection and connection for the entire Body of Christ. It is “storge” that speaks of nurture, empathy, affection, and tenderness. And they will know we are Christians by our “stork like” love for one another.

I have never really understood how an intelligent mind could adhere to the “Big Bang Theory” of the creation story. Not when there is so much intricate workmanship that is clearly seen in the animal kingdom alone. I don’t believe in Atheists because I don’t believe there is really such a category. I will agree to someone calling themselves an agnostic or a flat-out unbeliever but there is too much evidence of handiwork in our midst to deny there was a powerful touch behind it all.

I want to share three more lessons we can learn from storks. First is an affectionate touch. It is experienced among the birds and it is necessary for the human beings. People were created for affection. Doctors have scientifically proven that without touch the body and the emotions become unhealthy. Touching someone says to them that they are important to you; they belong, and they have value. If we did not receive affectionate touch in the right way as a child, then in our teenage years we may allow ourselves to be touched in the wrong way. The Family of God should be an affectionate, considerate bunch and with all the pushing and shoving going on in our culture, the church should be a place where holy hugs reign supreme.

Second is all about eye contact. When somebody has been living in shame and overcome with insecurity, they rarely are able to keep their heads held high. Jesus knew that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and he always dove headfirst in low below the surface! If we don’t see an understanding glance from those we need to notice us, we may end up feeling awkward, insecure, separate, and out of place in our relationships.

Finally, we need to take note of the tone of voice we use to communicate. Christians learn to bond and trust one another when Believers learn to speak words in an encouraging, gentle, tender, and empathizing manner. Loving tones nurture the spirit and help the family feel acceptance and value so they can walk free from the fear of rejection and failure.

So, let’s take a lesson from the storks. No, they don’t deliver babies or consume Vlassic Pickles, but they do give us an example of how we should behave as followers of God. Is there someone in your world today who could use a little tender loving family attention? Don’t wait until it is too late to walk like a stork and fly like an eagle.



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