3 04 2018


 I had some fun this Lenten Season by saying to the people around Church, “Hey, did you know Easter falls on a Sunday this year?” Now in case I have confused you, Easter always falls on a Sunday. As a matter of fact, Christians worship on the first day of the week because of the Resurrection of Jesus. Still, I caught some people off guard and made them think just a bit harder.

Did you know that Easter falls on April Fools Day this year? How fun is that? And while it is a day that is known for practical jokes and pulling each others’ legs, there is no fooling around when it came to what God did for mankind. Jesus took the test that we would never pass and gave us a redemption we could never earn by completing a course that no human being could have ever survived. Make no mistake, Jesus lives!

Jesus made no secret that he was not going to stay in the grave. This by no means lessens the extent of the suffering and pain that our Lord suffered on our behalf to get to the Cross. But Jesus made no funeral arrangements. He wasn’t signing a long term lease with the Funeral Director. As a matter of fact, the body of Jesus was put in a borrowed tomb because in three days Jesus was out of there! But the promises of the Savior seemed to go in one ear and out the other of the Disciples. Nobody showed up on that first Easter for a front row seat to witness the defeat of death forever. Yes, the Women made the trot to the Tomb that Sunday, but they did so to anoint a dead body and had no expectations of seeing Jesus alive and well again! And yet, while they put him on the cross and laid him in the ground, they should have known you can’t keep a good man down! Easter proves that there is no ending to a life that belongs to God. Have you invested your destiny in the hands of the Divine One? Easter is a reminder that death was never intended to be our final resting place. Life never has to settle for a happy ending when Jesus is all about eternal beginnings!

 But left up to ourselves, we human beings are quite clueless. Palm Sunday proves that what you see is not always what you get. It appeared that the mass of humanity had gathered in Jerusalem to worship Jesus. But while the crowds said the right thing, they did so in the wrong way. “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord, Hosanna,” may have been on their lips; but the motives of the heart were self-centered for sure. The Jews were banking on Jesus to be the Messiah who was to set them free from Roman oppression. They were looking to become a political power. They were expecting God to fulfill the cries of the will of the people. How quickly the cheers turned to jeers when the customers weren’t satisfied. The same crowed that shouted praise became blood thirsty with rage when they realized that Jesus wasn’t going to fulfill the bill. How many times do we do the same with our own allegiance? God is not obligated to us. We come alive when we humble our pride before him. Fickle applause is not what Easter is about. Unconditional obedience is what brings what is dead back to life. We will miss the message of Easter if we force our will over God’s way. The dawning of a hope and future are secured when we are ready to surrender to the death of our own agenda. When we lay it all down, God raises it back up to never be defeated again.

So SPOILER ALERT! Jesus came back from the dead. Here’s another nugget you can take to the bank; Jesus will come back again. And just like the first time, too many will miss it because they aren’t willing to get out of their own way. But those who have found their treasure in looking up rather than looking around will not be disappointed. I like to begin each new morning with this thought: “What if today is the day Jesus comes back?” I want to be ready. The first century Disciples missed the miracle because they ignored the previews. God never does anything in the dark and if you want to catch a glimpse of the coming attractions read the Bible. God tells us exactly what will happen. But before you get a little too confident and cocky because you know what happens; here’s the truth. You don’t know when it will happen and so it is best to not get so wrapped up in your script that you end up being shocked by what should have been no surprise at all. Easter is living proof. Easter is the celebration of the day God raised the roof of sin and death so that we would never have to be imprisoned again. Don’t be so spoiled by demanding your way that you miss the wonder of Heaven. Easter is a sweet reminder to those that wait upon the Lord. Believers will never see their blessings expire. Because Jesus lives, so can we. Do you? 



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