1 05 2017


Life was meant to be lived within the realm of community. Connection doesn’t happen by just sharing space physically within a room. For relationships to be able to bloom and blossom, protective heart guards must be willing to fall, and souls must be engaged and the best of your time must be invested. In a day where our society is always expecting instant gratification and settling for a surface satisfaction that doesn’t dive very deep, I don’t believe that many know what they are missing when it comes to true fellowship.

 I have always treated people as if we have known each other forever. I know that can be quite overwhelming to those with reserved personalities but it is all I know. Family comes easy for me. I grew up within a home where my Parents had seven children of their own of which I am their oldest and then adopted thirty more children. So being surrounded by a crowd of siblings is second nature. As a matter of fact, I am not very good as a solo act. God called me to be a Pastor. Genuinely loving people was a gift the Lord gave to me. So I am honored and grateful when others return the favor. It makes me feel like the richest guy in town.

 As many of you know, I am a big Fan of the Hallmark Channel. I adore the Signed Sealed and Delivered Series on the Movies and Mystery Network. Martha Williamson who created Touched By An Angel is the creative genius here too. Those who follow the Program are affectionately known as The #POstables. It pays tribute to the four amazing characters who work in the Dead Letter Office of the Denver Branch as they reunite lost mail with the originally intended receivers. I have had Kristin Booth and Crystal Lowe, two of its biggest stars on my Radio Show. I have also gotten to know so many wonderful Fans on Twitter. We all tweet together as we watch the latest SSD Movie. It is like we are one big happy family.

 This past weekend, five #POstables from different parts of the country drove all the way to Wildwood to come and visit The Lighthouse Church and the 106.3 The Shore Radio Station. Terri and I were delighted and blessed to welcome with open arms Joy from Pennsylvania, Sandy from Virginia, Judy from Ohio, and Marybeth and Ann from Michigan. We met in our beloved New Jersey for a wonderful gathering where we made some lasting memories all together. Even though we had never met face to face before, it took no time at all for all of us to feel like we had been family forever. Faith, love and a common passion can do that when we are willing to step out of our comfort zones and give God room. The Ladies got their fill of Jersey Pizza, beautiful sunshine and the sweet love of Jesus. I interviewed each and every one for my Radio Show. You will want to be listening to hear the magic made in the studio. I love our Signed Sealed Delivered Family.

 Before the weekend was over, we were talking about our hopes and dreams that maybe we could put together a nation wide POstables Gathering with the cast of the show joining us. We could do it in Vancouver, Canada where they actually film the show or it could all come to Wildwood. My point is that none of this would have happened without random people reaching out to one another and taking a chance of going deeper than just the 140 characters in a tweet.

 If you would like to learn more about Signed Sealed Delivered, the #POstables, then let me suggest you start by reading the wonderful blog written by a talented young lady named Chandel Charles. It is called Alameda and Downing and it is always and only about all things Signed, Sealed, Delivered. She calls it her special project forwarded with much love to all the fellow #POstables. It is updated almost daily with news and the latest information about the show. Who knows? You might want too be part of the next #POstables gathering right here in your own back yard.

 In a cynical world that has become too paranoid and politically correct, God still has the real deals out there and it is still true that no man is an island and we all do best in a communal setting rather than hiding out in cozy cubicles. Use discernment but have faith. We are all living letters that are at our best when we are shared with one another. I pray many new and wonderful contacts in your days to come. I guarantee you that God will put his stamp of approval upon it all. It is now up to you to deliver the letter, the sooner the better!



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