Not Be Shaken

10 01 2017


And the so called Football Analysts have pronounced over and over again how inadequate Tim Tebow is and will ever be at the position of quarterback in the National Football League. “He can’t pass.” “He throws like a Girl!” “He is incompetent of ever pulling off being a winner at this professional level.” These words would not only deter but defeat many an individual. Having to watch your heart and soul being stomped upon on Television week after week has buried and bushwhacked more than one talented but insecure individual. Yet while Tebow is knocked down, he refuses to be knocked out. His faith has definitely proved to be just as legitimate in the walk department as it has been in the arena of talk.

 Last weekend’s snow cancelled our Saturday Night Services at The Lighthouse Church. This gave me the opportunity to catch some of the NFL Playoffs on television. I couldn’t believe how bad three of the four teams I was watching were. The Houston verses Oakland Game featured two of the worst quarterbacks that I have seen in a very long time. Now granted, the Oakland Kid was a Third String substitute for the injured Starter, but in my humble opinion, neither of these Men had a tenth of the tenacity and excellence Tim Tebow would have brought to the contest. It actually got so bad that I had to turn the thing off.

 Tim Tebow was a two time National Champion and Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Florida. The only time he was given a true shot at being a starting QB in the NFL, he lead the Denver Broncos to an amazing win in the Play-Offs. Still this poor guy was traded by Denver to the Jets where he was buried on the bench and then cut by the New England Patriots and our own Philadelphia Eagles. Coach Chip Kelly who proved to be quite clueless when it came to the game in the long run, actually said that “Tim Tebow was not good enough to be the 3rd String Man on the Eagles.” What are you doing now Chip Kelly?

 Critics crack me up. They will always be there lurking in our audience as we try to fulfill the destiny that God has designed for us. The so called “Know-It-Alls,” love to be schemers and puncture the balloons of the dreamers. They sit in the crowd and cry out criticisms that have no intentions of being constructive but specialize in destructive tendencies. While we all need qualified Coaches in our world, we can all do without the whiners and complainers. It is almost like we have to practice the discernment of knowing when to tune out those who want to tear up our “Bucket Lists” of aspirations and inspiration.

 The last I checked they have never built a statue for a Critic. The privilege of being immortalized in bronze is reserved for the Men and Women willing to press on when everybody else passes it up.  Spectators do not get the trophies. The Crowds don’t get the Championship Rings. The Comfortable who opt out of the conflict also miss out on their chance to be in the company of the Lord who longs to lead those who trust him into miraculous moments of faith. If you never step out of your boat, you will never have the need to cling to the Jesus who walked on water! Sometimes playing it too safe actually leads to signing your own death sentence. If you aren’t operating within your passion then could it be you aren’t fully living at all?

 Tim Tebow has written a Book that I have begun to read named, “Shaken.” Our Men’s Group will be studying this during the month of January. I would invite any Guys reading this to come and join us at The Lighthouse Church Monday nights at 6:30PM. I love the interaction with other fellow Warriors who are determined to depend upon God rather than allow the despondency of an apathetic culture suck them into mediocrity. Iron sharpens Iron and Teammates build up other Believers as we all seek to make the most of our lives as we anticipate God’s will to influence our way in this present day. If we are going to fail, we are going to do so by giving it everything we have and trusting God for all we need.  I want even my enemies to see the passion of Jesus in my eyes in the midst of everything I do. How about you?

 We are beginning a New Year. It is officially January 2017. God has made a way where there was no way for any of us to pass on through. Jesus died for our sins because none of us could pull that off on our own. Jesus rose from the dead and conquered the grave. God became our snowplow clearing the way for us to walk in his pathway. Going to church has to be more than just being informed. Being the church is about allowing the Holy Spirit to transform us. There is one thing God wants us to do for him and with him. What’s that? Live to win! Paul said to run in such the way as to win the prize and not just critique the others who are running. Let the spectators spectate and let the Believers generate some heat that the watching world won’t be able to ignore. It is time for your feet to hit the floor. I close with the words of Psalm 62 and as the Scriptures say, “My soul, wait in silence for God only, for my hope is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation, my stronghold; I shall not be shaken. On God my salvation and my glory rest; the rock of my strength, my refuge is in God.”





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