19 12 2016


This year I actually read the Book- Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol.” Did you know there has never been a MOVIE yet that has stayed totally true to the original story? I also learned what “Bah Humbug” really means. In Dickens’ Day, it means referring to a person- or an event- as a fraud, imposter, implying an element of hypocrisy! When Scrooge called Christmas a “Humbug,” he didn’t believe that people were sincere when it came to keeping Christmas as it was meant to be kept. He saw his society using it as more show than substance and at least he felt there was nothing fake about him. He was a Man of Business all 365 days a year! It wasn’t until Scrooge literally “Got the Spirit” and allowed his cold heart to engage with all that Christmas really means! Maybe even in our own day- we have become guilty of making Christmas more about fluff than faith! God says, “You’ve heard my story and many of you have read it over and over again- but it isn’t until you taste and see that the Lord is good will you ever understand the power of its impact!” You can’t just hear the word- the Word must enter into you. You can’t just play a Christmas Carol- you need to allow the Christ of the Day to sing his song in you! It takes much more than a menu to quiet a hungry tummy and it takes you and i to have the courage and guts to not judt know about the Way- but to walk God’s Way right behind him! His Light will launch His Leadership in you! Will you make room for the real Author of Christmas?



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