24 10 2016


What is our world coming to? Well, I have been teaching the Book of Revelation every Tuesday afternoon over the last year at The Lighthouse Church and I can pretty much assure you that the Bible is very relevant when it comes to nailing the signs of our times! Human Beings have always struggled with their egos and pride problems. Even though it is pure logic to admit that we have all been designed by a Designer and created by a Creator simply because the question, “How does pure order flow from chaos?” has never been intelligently answered by evolutionary means; this does not prevent the pot informing the Potter that we are better off without him! People function at their best when they submit to the strong conscience and keen awareness of right and wrong given to them at no extra cost with their birth. But we all know by now that our Species has a tendency to muddy the waters of morality especially when going one’s own way serves one’s own selfish appetites so much more conveniently than choosing to sacrifice a want over a need for the best of all those involved.

 I have to be honest. I have likened this year’s Presidential Election to a bad skit from the satirical world of television’s Saturday Night Live. If we could somehow recall and regather our brave Men and Women from the Greatest Generation who heroically and valiantly served and fought for our Country in World War II and point blank ask them; “Is this the world you envisioned when you did what you did so many years ago? What do you think their answer might be? Remember what Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini tried to do to their Countries with their dictatorial and diabolical agendas? Those Rulers fervently held to their dark dogma that people were nothing more than stupid and mindless animals that needed to be conquered rather than led! Do you understand that those who did not fall in line with these maniacal movements and literally surrender their personal freedoms to espouse their own convictions found themselves prisoners in gulags, concentration camps and cemeteries? Do we ever learn from history? Do you know that in many parts of our world today, Christians are being tortured and executed daily because their only crime is that they won’t denounce their faith? Are we that blind that we still refuse to see?     

 We have two adults running for the highest office in our Land who are noted liars, non-respecter of persons, stubbornly proud to a fault, brash individuals who have already shown a legacy of living beyond the law rather than obeying it and daily poorly portray themselves as Leaders when they have done nothing but use others rather than ever properly tend to what might be best for the flock! Do you sincerely believe that either of these two Candidates would humbly lay their life down for the sheep if it came down to protecting us or them? Can anybody who is not drinking Campaign Kool-Aid with a straight face and a clear soul convince an unbiased crowd that either Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton have ever cared for anybody else more than they do for their own reputations and careers? This Election is not about choosing the more qualified politician as much as it is about the citizens of the these great United States waking up and start standing up for what they believe in!

 I don’t want nor do I need a Government taking care of me financially and telling me what I can believe spiritually and how I need to behave morally if I want to continue to have rights. I love people! I don’t hate anybody. But that doesn’t mean I have to approve of what I tolerate because I can’t and won’t legislate my faith upon another. I will share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ until I take my last breath, but I won’t bully an unbeliever. I held our last Baby Sheptock born in 2005 at Cape Regional Hospital at 21 weeks old as Terri did deliver this precious child even though the infant did not survive and you will never convince me that abortion is right or that I have to pay for somebody else to have one. But neither will I stand on a street corner and yell hate language at young women who are confused and scared and need more love than lectures at that moment. I will help the unborn. I will pray for those who claim to be atheists. I will treat those who don’t believe like me with respect. But can I genuinely say that if I vote for a certain Party I will be given the same courtesy? Who is anybody trying to kid? I am not paranoid but I don’t think that I am that off base when I predict that in the days to come, it will be Christians that will have the most to lose when it comes the law of the land attempting to dictate the boundaries of faith that will be permitted and outlawed. And I will ask it now and then, “Does toleration only apply to those who follow blindly and behave in the way that they are told to?”

 I shake my head in disbelief when I see Donald Trump running for President. I get a deep ache in my gut when others try to argue that Hillary Clinton is a much better person never mind candidate. They are both so far from the kind of Leader that I believe this Country needs at such a time as this.

I am tempted to just go and smack a bucket of golf balls on November 8th! But I know that is not what a Citizen of America and its democracy is called to do. I pray for both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton daily. I pray that one of them would humble themselves to the point that they stop talking and finally start listening so maybe they could learn something like humility for starters! I was told years ago; when you can’t support the Person, you must choose the Party that gives the Land the best chance to keep its freedoms. Just for the record, I am not a registered Democrat or Republican but I am a Believer and I won’t zip my lip while the very freedoms our forefathers and mothers fought for are cleverly being ripped away. I would challenge you to do the very same thing. If you don’t, then you will be without excuse when history repeats itself all over again. As for me, I love America and I invite you to do the same. God has blessed America. Maybe it is time America starts blessing God. If ever was the time to get that party started- it is now!



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