11 10 2016


Recently, I saw a very well-known Politician give a speech that called for all Americans to wise up and put aside their religious beliefs for the good of the Country so that “abortion can be safe for all women.” I almost choked on my tongue! Not everyone believes that abortion should even be legal never mind available to all. I thought one of the  principles of our democracy was the freedom to believe and hold true to our convictions. Now, all of a sudden, there is very little tolerance for Christianity because it has standards that supersede Society’s agenda. Looks like there might be some trouble ahead here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave for serious Believers who are committed to following Jesus above all else. But there is no debate for me if it comes to choosing who gets my wholehearted allegiance. I have my letter already prepared and ready to send. “Dear Washington D.C., It is not going to be, ‘I’m sorry Lord- but I need to deny You to obey the government!’ It is going to be, ‘I’m sorry government, but I need to deny you so that I may be faithful to the Lord!” I don’t tailor my faith to fit into my life! I adjust my life to make sure it lines up with the faith! It isn’t “Follow me, Lord! It’s, “I follow Him!”

 As Christians, we actually live in two different worlds that have utterly nothing in common. One is old; the other is new. One is earthly; the other is heavenly. One is deadly; the other is life giving. One is material; the other is spiritual. One is filled with lies; the other is all about truth. One relates to the unclean and the other to the pure. One is passing away; the other is eternal. One is self-centered; the other is God focused. One is shallow; the other values depth. One is fallen; the other is perfection. One is a strange place; the other is home. 

 One of the biggest reasons that I believe our faith isn’t taken as seriously by Unbelievers as it should be is because we who represent the Lord haven’t been doing a very good job of being the examples that God has called us to be. Passions are better caught than taught and if nobody witnesses what an authentic heart after Jesus looks like, how are they supposed to know? More often than not, the perception of Church People is that they talk a good game but when push comes to shove show very little evidence that they are any different than the everyday crowd. This is quite ironic since the Greek word for church literally means, “Called Out Ones!” If we don’t stand out because of our resemblance to the Savior, then who can blame the world for ignoring us when they should be exploring what we are all about.   

 It has forever been an error of the People of God to blend in so well with their community that instead of the culture looking to Christians, the Christians have allowed their lives to become so watered down, they have no power in their punch! It can occur way too easily and more often than not, a church doesn’t even realize that they have lost their edge because they looked for conformity rather than the Christ. When commitment is replaced by complacency, it always leads to compromise. God declared quite clearly that to obey Him is better than offering empty sacrifices and He desires our hearts to be near Him more than just showing up to go through the motions of superficial service. The lips that we use to worship our Lord should not be smooching on idols the moment we leave the sanctuary! Living with the Lord is not just a compartment of our lives. Living with the Lord is life itself and anything less falls way short of the relationship we have been invited into.

 Intelligent people are sensitive to any inconsistency. We are left on this planet to apply and reflect on the gospel practically and not only academically or abstractly. Believers must decide to be all in the Kingdom of God or just come out and admit that they are still inhabitants of the Earth. It is time to desire and dedicate ourselves to consistent behavior, Christ-like attitudes and careful living.

 How can we know if Christ is Lord of every area of our lives? First, we need to identify the false gods of the society around us. Second, we need to look honestly at each area of our lives—our families, our careers, our possessions, our ambitions, our time, and so on—and ask two questions of them: Am I willing to do whatever God says about this area? Am I willing to accept whatever God sends in this area? How can you live as a devoted Disciple of Jesus and a committed Citizen of Heaven- in the midst of the chaotic craziness that earth has to offer? Come to grips that there are 2

Different Worlds but only one of them can have your undivided devotion. Whoever gets a hold of your heart owns the rest of your body. If it isn’t the Word of God, then it will end up being the idols of this world and none of those objects is worth your affection. Jesus is worthy and everything else is worthless when compared to the world that God is beckoning you to. So if I am a citizen of Heaven, this Earth will just have to understand that it can’t keep me from praying, worshipping and following Jesus! There is Somebody bigger than all the Presidents, Monarchs and Dictators who try to usurp the authority that belongs to the King of kings and Lord of lords and now is the time that we who wear his name, live it proud and loud so there will be no mistaking what Kingdom we are loyal to! Give up the shuttle between darkness and light and make your residence sure! 



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17 10 2016

Pastor, this is an awesome message. So glad it is in print! I will be able to share with far away friends. Thank You! You are an awesome Pastor, oritor & Pastor!!

18 10 2016
ken torelli

I’m all in Rudy

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