18 07 2016


Say you are a Parent and you desire your children to obey the rules that you have set before them. You know that if your love for them is true, you must point them out and enforce the boundaries because they are very necessary for your kids to grow up healthy, strong and well adjusted. But what if you just talked a good game and set no example at all that you were serious about practicing what you preached? What if you punished them for their disobedience while at the same time proceeded to behave very badly right before their watching eyes? After witnessing your hypocritical double standards for years, your kids rebel in a big way. They become liars and cheaters and selfish individuals who show no respect for anyone and anything. Now the real question is, “Who’s to blame?” You can say with your lips that you did everything you possibly could to raise them well but did you? Don’t you have to model a proper example if you long to lead well? Don’t you have to bear some of the responsibility?

 Like many of you I am disgusted and frustrated by the state of our world these days! It is beyond belief how the lives of human beings have been devalued right before our very eyes. People of all kinds of color from all different walks of life on all different parts of our planet are being gunned down, blown up and tragically murdered right before our very eyes. Nobody is totally safe anymore and no destination is guaranteed to be terror free. And we can spend all night blaming these random acts of violence on the guns and the bombs and the other weapons of mass destruction but may I add an additional hypothesis. Could the crazy and chaotic actions of our society be traced back to the reality that we have horrible leadership who has no intentions of setting the bar any higher than their unwillingness to take the road less traveled?

 You can’t expect people to do what they have not been equipped to live up to? How are we supposed to trust government when the very politicians put themselves above the law they are sworn to uphold. Kings, Dictators, Potentates and Presidents who use the population for their own glory and fame are dangerous and deadly. They rule by stirring up fear and an utter dependence of the crowd to fall in the ranks of the party line if they want to live anything that resembles a prosperous existence. How are we to look up to those who turn a blind eye to their own mistakes and sins? Don’t give me political correctness when what we really need is a return to championing morality and integrity. And how can you prove that the creation is of worth unless you get that value from the utter reality that we were fearfully and wonderfully designed by a Creator.

 This selfie philosophy that so dominates our everyday lives will eventually become the very thing that will do us in. God made us in his own image and with that truth comes the very essence of why every single life matters. The reason “Thou shall not murder” is cherished as a precious commandment is because the origin of this precept is discovered in the holiness of the one who gave it to us. The Judeo-Christian belief system teaches over and over again that the greatest advice and counsel God ever gave to mankind was to first love the Lord with all of our heart, mind, soul and strength and then go on to love one another in that same manner. But that’s narrow and intolerable cries the throngs of an egocentric humanity; and so because it all comes down to what everybody says- rather than what anybody does- we have no real measuring rod to guide and keep accountable what is quickly evolving into the mob mentality of the old west where anything goes and the one with the quickest gun wears the badge and literally calls the shots!

 Family, we need God more than ever. To edit faith from the marketplace is to open the gates to those who see no harm in looting the customers. You can’t have it both ways. As Elijah once challenged 450 religious false prophets who endorsed anarchy up on the top of Mount Carmel, let the real God show his face and the losing deity go back to where he came from; I say let us stop this charade of pretending that there aren’t those who are hiding behind the guise of religion to cosmetically mask their hatred for everyone who isn’t them. Believers in Jesus must not be ashamed to take a stand for the light in the middle of the night because the only power big enough to wipe out the potential annihilation of the human race is our utter and complete surrender to a Savior who has proved that he could walk the talk and did so by laying his life down so we could pick it up. Christianity unleashed lets love conquer fear and wisdom stomp out ignorance. I just think that it is just short of ridiculous how the only real medicine that can cure this disease is the one elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge and cling to anymore.

 You can’t negotiate with haters. You can’t reason with dictators. You can’t play a meaningful game with cheaters. You can’t expect our world to become a safer place by expelling the way, the truth and the life. I will not give in to fear. I will not turn back from my following Jesus. I will fight for every life as long as I have life and breath. I can’t vote for anyone I can’t believe in. I also can’t discern the health of the earth by only looking through my own grid and making conclusions based on nothing nobler than, “How does this affect me?” It is time for all godly men and women to speak up and either put up or stop your complaining because those who do nothing but dance around the issues or tender old and tired clichés while the USA is on fire will be sorry when the hysteria hits their own backyard! I love and encourage all the social media challenges to “Pray for Orlando” “Dallas” “France” and everywhere. But are you ready to respond obediently to the God you are praying to? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord by being like Jesus until the day we finally see him face to face. I challenge you to join me in that cause because I guarantee that it won’t be just hot air but the fresh air that ushers in the wind of the Holy Spirit to turn the hearts of his people back to the one who made them!          



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