What’s Up This Summer?

20 06 2016


Critics will always be lurking in the crowds that surround us.  There will always be people who believe that their biggest contribution to your life will be to bring rain to your parade.  It can be too easy to allow the nays to silence the yeas.  It is much too tempting to fall prey to the negative remarks in such the manner that the positive affirmations never reach the heart. We must not forfeit the vision because of a few thumbs down votes.  We must not surrender to the liars what will only be won by clinging to the truth!  Who is defining your direction today?

Are you making excuses or goals?  Are you looking to be put on the field or are you anchored to the bench?  Are you willing to speak up even if it costs your popular place in the culture?  I don’t want to fit in where I don’t belong.  I am definitely not willing to be stuck in a box that I was never created to be packaged for. Now more than ever we need people of faith to be willing to put their behavior where they claim their beliefs are!  Let the Church not be just a building but a body of believers who are passionately serious about seeing lives transformed by the God who made them.

It is time to be stirred anew by the Holy Spirit.  It is time to pray and ask God about what you can do to give God room to move within your sphere of influence.  What are you dreaming about that you believe the Lord is calling you to do?  What area of your walk can undeniably profess that, “If God doesn’t show up”… its not happening!?  You can’t be spiritual without the Holy Spirit.  You can’t call yourself a Christian if you don’t follow Christ!  You can’t leave a legacy if you aren’t’ sold out to a life of solid love!

It was 19 years ago this coming week that I said yes to coming to Cape May County.  I am about to embark on my 20th year as the Pastor of The Lighthouse Church.  I am in no way, shape, or form ready to retire.  I am begging God for a fresh wind and holy fire!  What God has done, I am eternally thankful for, but I believe His best is still yet to come.  We live in a county that desperately needs healing from addiction!  We dwell in an area that has God’s beauty everywhere, and He is calling us to be His tour guides.  We are here to show people where to look to see Jesus and to share our stories so they will discover how they can know the Lord!  This is no time for subtraction!  If we want God to multiply His blessings then we need to be willing to do  more “plussing”…than fussing!!

So who are you showing Jesus to today?  What project are you presently involved in with the Lord?  How are you trusting God?  Are you tired of being sick and defeated?  Are you ready to rise up and come alive again?  Is this just another June or are you investing in heaven in such the way that this becomes a summer of love on earth?  One of the Bible’s favorite words is “TODAY”…and if you want a TOMORROW of hope, you need to make a move of faith TODAY.  If you have a pulse, you have a purpose.  But if you can’t name that purpose, then you need to discover anew what He wants you to do!



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