23 06 2015
There is a wonderful show on the Hallmark Channel called When Calls The Heart and they just completed Season 2.  The whole series centers around the story of a refined young woman who if from the city accepting a teaching position in a Canadian frontier town. There she finds challenges and a potential romance with a Mountie named Jack. The tales are based upon the Canadian West book series by Janette Oke.
Well there was a Contest to write a LOVE SONG about the characters Elizabeth and Jack and while I didn’t win- I thought I would share my composition with all my fellow #Hearties- those individuals committed to the series!
Hopefully there will be a Season 3!!!
CHORUS: Hey there Elizabeth… I’ve got something pretty special to say-
                  I want to shout I Love You- And ride with you each day-
                  I so want to be your hero- I really knew that from the start-
                  And if you’ll only take my hand- When the story calls the Heart…
We may be from two different worlds—Separate ways and miles apart-
But Providence has intervened—And Desire will win your heart-
I will not be done- till I’ve reached the One- Who’s become my destiny
So let’s take the Chance- And begin our Dance- And let’s live what’s meant to be! (CHORUS)
I have shared the stage with an actress- You have tasted wealth and ease-
But the Teacher and The Mountie- Is just how it’s supposed to be-
If both you and me- Will just let it be- Then our spark becomes a flame
And all those around- Will know what we’ve found- And maybe they will do the same!  (CHORUS)
BRIDGE: It might make sense to maybe close our eyes and just stay the way we were
                But we both know that what we feel inside is too big to ignore



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