22 04 2015


There is probably not a day that goes by that you don’t have to plug in your smart phone, iPad or laptop so that it stays powered up. Unfortunately, even though you invest the adequate time to refill the empty energy bank, the device will only last so long before you have to go through the process all over again and again and again. It would be wonderful if one connection lasted indefinitely but that is just not the case. Unless you don’t want to be seeing the battery going dead red just when you need it most, you must be proactive in making sure that you invest the time to replenish the potency pump.

You and I are like that. We’re not wired to wander far from our omnipotent outlet. We are not as independent as we might think we are. We were created by a Living God and we actually need to link in to our Lord if we want to keep on going, growing and glowing as were designed to do so! But when we act like we don’t need God and become alienated from our Maker, the bulb that was conditioned to be bright becomes as dull as a lightning bug that has bought into the darkness.

There is never a day that we don’t need God! And if we get complacent and too casual about our coming to Him daily, our hearts end up getting filled to the brim with all the wrong fuel and it drains the daylights out of the fuse box of our soul!

You see man’s problem is not that he has come down with a disease. It is not because he has become trapped knee deep in dysfunction. It is not because he has received a diagnosis that displays there has been a deficit in his education. Man’s trouble is that on his own he can’t do any better than doing what he does as a dead body walking. Outwardly we are wasting away and we need a love resurrection and a little divine intervention to bring the human race back to life again!

Sinful man has chosen his own path and rejected walking in the way of the Master. And if we keep that agenda up, we will forfeit forever in exchange for a few feeble years of doing it our own way!

So today I warn you because I love you. Some of you are not operating at your full capacity because you have refused the Lord’s offer of transforming your heart and providing you with a brand new spirit. You are just a matter of time away from running on empty. And God wants to change all that! He knows that we can’t make something dead come alive again. So the Father intervened by sending us His son to pass a test that we were destined to flunk.

All it takes is one sin to shut off the lifeline forever. Jesus lived the perfect life that we could not live and then died the death to give us a gift that we could not give. God’s holy wrath is necessary to judge the rebelliousness of mankind. This includes both the times that we have defiantly done what was wrong and the seasons where we did not choose to do what was right. People sometimes cry out, “A loving God would never punish sin,” but where is the logic or the wisdom of that kind of behavior?

If you are a parent, do you just let all the bad behavior of your children go undisciplined? In the name of love, do you never correct or call out your kids for their deliberate disobedience? Of course not! And God knowing that our sin needed to be properly paid for allowed his son Jesus to take the test for us and he got an A+ on our behalf. All you have to do is accept his work done on your behalf. All you have to do is trust him and receive his benefits and you will be spared the judgment you deserved because Jesus did for us what we could have never accomplished ourselves.

Life is rebooted when we believe; and God’s promise is that if we trust his grace and mercy that was provided in all that Jesus did on our behalf, we will never be dead again! We have allowed Jesus to rescue us from the sins we were stuck in. We are restored by God to a brand new everlasting life because of his abounding love, grace and mercy. And we are rendered a new purpose that leads to God’s power being done in us and through us and those are eternal rewards.

God can provide a spark in any life during any circumstance at any time. Some people learn this and they never experience a blank screen again. Abandon your old ways. Believe God’s promises are true for you! Commit to the new adventure that the Lord has called you to and provided all the necessary wiring to! And Heaven’s Package comes with more than just a two-year promise. And the service is amazing no matter where you end up being. And there is no need to upgrade because God is renewing us minute-by-minute and day-by-day. Under God’s plan it gets sweeter as the years go by and the guarantee is that we never become obsolete.

What is placed in the hands of God becomes an eternal masterpiece and that can be true for me and you! So who are you connected to? And how is the reception? Don’t wait until it is too late to sign the contract. Put your name on his dotted line today! And then watch and see what happens.



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