30 09 2014

Maybe it is time to check the clock. We human beings often have a tendency to wait until it is too late before we begin to be about the very matters that many of us would sincerely proclaim with our lips truly matter most! But if you examine closely the evidence of our everyday activities, most of us get so preoccupied with trying to fix the peripheral mess that we never even get to the center of our desired priorities. And if we do ever get around to tackling the main agenda, we end up doing a hurried and sloppy job on what genuinely deserves the first cut of our efforts and attention. Is there hope for any of us? I anxiously hope so! I hear God calling my heart to the truth that there is more than what I am presently living for.

We really do live on borrowed time. Each day should be preciously and individually cherished and then prayerfully unwrapped as the wonderful gift that it is but we end up sleepwalking when we should be soberly and strategically keeping our eyes wide so that we may capture the miracles while they are still within our grasp. If you keep putting off your desired dreams for a someday that never comes, don’t blame anyone but yourself. God gave you and me the freedom to choose this day who and what we would serve! I want to be running after the very aspirations that I know God has instilled within my heart to travel and conquer and experience! I don’t want to be jogging when I can be flying and I don’t want to be complacent when I know I should be conscientious!

Are you happy with the road you are walking right now? How much regret would there be if the credits of your life movie began rolling today? If this was your final hurrah this side of Heaven- would it even be worth noting? Is this how we want to go out? Is it more puff of smoke than a blaze of glory? Why are staring at puddles when the ocean is just a few more miles around the bend? Why am I using a Dixie cup to quench my thirst when God promises access to a fountain that will never run dry? Why am I so easily squeezed into a mold that I have no desire of fitting into?

Let today be your two minute warning! How many football games have you watched where the first 58 minutes of the contest, it appeared that nobody told your team there was a competition going on? Lethargic and pathetic were the words that defined the means that your ball club was going about their business and they were about to lose the ordeal without even putting up a fight. And then the two minute warning was announced and all of a sudden the sense of urgency fueled the players in a way that nothing else had gotten through. Yards were now being gained and points were now being scored! And just in the nick of time, what might have ended in disappointment- concluded in ecstasy! When are we going to wake up and strengthen those intangibles that are worth dying for to such the extent that they are also worth living for? We snap to attention to discover that we can’t just cautiously breathe valuable breath with the goal to not lose ground but to run every step in the manner that we were put on this earth to win!

Today is the day to make the pass, to swing the bat, to shoot the ball, to slap the puck to aim and fire! This is not dress rehearsal but opening night. We can’t be keeping in reserve what was meant to be shared now! How many times have we been guilty of holding on to our secret weapon just a wee bit too long and ended up losing a match that we were primed to be victorious? If God has given you the ability today to actively and advantageously make a difference then it is to be applied and consumed today! Tomorrow will be too late. And if you get to the end of the line with more of what should have been rather than what actually was- you will be a miserable soul. If God fills your cup with blessings on Wednesday, please also give him permission to spill your cup upon those around you on Wednesday because you believe that your Lord will also supply what you need come Thursday and Friday. If God opens the door to make a visit or jot a note or grab a meal or take a phone call from a loved one- then don’t you dare be putting it off because you are busy with the urgent! If this was the last time you ever got to love on the one that you know means more than any material gain- then why would you forfeit the eternal for what wouldn’t amount to a hill of crumbs?

Relationships are what this all comes down to! God told us that the greatest commandments were to love him and to love one another. I want to live my life with a new sense of aggressiveness. My physical body has made it very clear to me that it is not going to function forever here and allow me to fulfill my bucket list as if there was an endless amount of hours to get it done! I need to kick it into a higher gear! I need to be make wiser choices and stick to the right priorities! I can’t allow the fickle crowd to distract me from performing my absolute best for my Coach Jesus! If I believe that it is essential- then today is the day to do it. If I know that it comes down to making a choice between investing my blood, sweat and tears into finite things verses those that are cemented into my being- than it should be a no brainer! No more putting off what must be done now simply because we can! O Lord, be a light to our path and a lamp to our feet and lead us into the very thick of what makes life tick, because I know the seconds on the clock will one day run out and I don’t want to be making mud pies when you want me to be a part of all that is majestic!



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