2 08 2014

I make no secret that I will stand with Israel and God’s People the Jews with all of my heart for all of my days. It disturbs me greatly how today’s media is portraying God’s chosen people as villains and warmongers when nothing could be further from the truth. Israel is just doing what any nation would be expected to do when they need to protect themselves from unprovoked violence and hatred. No other people group throughout all of history has had to put up with more unjust animosity and abuse and attempted annihilation like the Jewish Nation. Too many times in history past had so many so called moral and religious individuals stood idly by while millions of our brothers and sisters from the family of mankind were bullied, beaten, battered and nearly done away with!

God made a promise to Abraham back in Genesis 12:3 that proclaimed powerfully that, “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” One only needs to be a student of God’s word to know that we must stand with Jewish Family. Their faith is founded in loving the Lord God with all of their hearts, souls, minds and strength and to love their neighbors as themselves! Hamas on the other hand has made no secret that they would love to see death and destruction to Israel! What part of that equation is hard to grasp and understand!

I am greatly disappointed in the lack of leadership and courage coming out of Washington. Planes are shot down and innocent people get blown away and nobody steps us and has the courage to go beyond being politically correct and call sin and crime what it really is. I miss John Wayne! Where is Gary Cooper at High Noon? How can Dodge City ever be safe to live in again unless Marshall Dillon takes charge and has zero tolerance with terrorism? I know I am stepping out of the safe little box here where we can’t stand for any principles if it might offend an enemy but please listen to me Secretary of State John Kerry — Israel is our ally, not Hamas!

As Dragnet’s Joe Friday preaches, “Just the facts” and no matter how the media might want to spin it- the truth is that Israel is engaged in a brutal battle with the terrorists of Hamas. It has been well documented that Hamas has fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians from Palestinian civilian areas. When Israel seeks to stop the missile fire, it always warns Palestinian civilians to flee the impending attacks. But the uncivilized and evil forces of Hama which looks eerily familiar to Hitler’s Nazi’s of old- actually shows no kindness towards its own citizens by literally using them as shields in these danger zones. Hamas’ clear tactic is to kill as many civilians as possible — both Israeli and Palestinian — and then heap the blame upon Israel. And what makes my head spin is that the propaganda machine is working once again and society is cheering for the wrong regime!

This tactic is superficial. It is cynical and barbaric. But because too many human beings have bought into the charade that peace means getting along with each other no matter what the cost- even to the point of compromising our values and morality- once again the anti-Semitic posse is gaining momentum! Why are we people so gullible that we keep falling over the same hole in the sidewalk day after day rather than making the effort to properly repairing the road! Many in the international community are being duped and the media are nothing more than talking heads of brainwashing the masses. And, to my deep disappointment and embarrassment of what is happening to our one nation that has wandered away from being under God- it appears that our own government has taken the bait and serving it in ample supply to whoever has ears to hear!

I am deeply troubled by reports out of Washington that has promoted a ceasefire proposal that specifically addressed key Hamas demands — such as the easing of the Gaza blockade — while largely ignoring Israel’s security requirements. Wake up America. You can’t negotiate at a table where leaders don’t commonly respect life itself! Have we forgotten the shenanigans of Hitler with Neville Chamberlain? You can’t break bread with people who will poison your slice while your head is turned! To foolishly adopt Hamas’ demands is to hand Hamas a victory for its violence. To promote Hamas’ demands will not end the bloodshed — it will merely encourage it.

So while we appreciate the politicians desire to stop the bloodshed in Gaza, I’m pessimistic by the reports that we as a country will abandon Israel and get behind a nation that will stab us in the back! Now is not the time to ease the legal and justified blockade of Gaza. Now is the time to destroy Hamas’ terror tunnels, remove Hamas’ missile stockpiles, and demilitarize Gaza.

It is more apparent now than ever that Israel’s blockade of Gaza is critical to its defense. For years the international community has called upon Israel to ease restrictions on the importation of “dual use” items such as concrete. We now see that this concrete was poured directly into dozens of multi-million dollar tunnels to enable Hamas to murder Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Rather than help Hamas build its military capability, I call upon Washington and the American People to use the power of their office to ensure that this violence is never repeated. It is time to pray for the peace of the Middle East! The only way to achieve the peace we seek is to demilitarize the terrorists of Hamas. Hatred never survives and sometimes you can’t play both sides of the fence! I have made my choice and I am staying on this side of Jerusalem and will stand with the people that God has proclaimed as his very own! This is one man who will not persecute my Jewish friends and family anymore. I encourage you to do the same!



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2 08 2014
Paul Paulhamus

Nehemiah 4 is an example of how we, with God’s guidance, must protect ourselves. Many people have rightfully called me a hawk. Those that say it with scorn do not realize that those of us that have seen conflict hate war.

2 08 2014

I respectfully disagree. It seems the majority of casualties on the Palestinian side are children, with one direct hit made on a UN sanctioned school. Look at the difference in the numbers as well……..60 Israelis, mostly military, versus past 1000, mostly women and children. israel wants to do to the Palestinians what Hitler wanted to do to them, exterminate them, plus they want to do it with US funds. Why should we pay for their war when we have enough issues of our own lacking funding? I will agree that Washington is being weak on Israel…..they should tell them flat out, no more money….I seem also to recall that a certain professor used to say ‘Israel IS NOT the Church’……just like you can say ‘I am an American, but I do not support the current government’, you can say I ‘support the Israel of the Bible, but not the current regime and their bully tactics.

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