28 06 2014

Picture 372
Another summer is in full swing here in Cape May County. School is out and vacationers are invading the territory by storm. Like you, I drive a bit more defensively- never expecting the other motorist to do the right thing! On a positive note, I take more walks along the North Wildwood Sea Wall where I hope to catch a breeze to cool down my otherwise overheating body as I also get a glimpse of the beauty of our homeland. I might sneak over to grab a delicious and unique hotdog at Maui’s or at the very least hope to see Hope who manages the local Wawa. Whatever the occasion, I am setting my mind to live with an attitude of gratitude for what is rather than pining aimlessly over what is not! I ask God to purposely open the eyes of my heart to see the blessings rather than the blunders in the life all around me.

I like to joke by making this statement, “You know the one thing I hardly ever do is complain…” I am a habitual whiner by nature. I can tend to be overly critical and always wishing I was someone else living somewhere else owning something else rather than truly appreciating what I have already been so graciously given. Let’s face it! I hate heat and humidity! I shuffle though the summer season. As the Loving Spoonful used to sing- when it is “Summer in the City” lots more than the back of my neck perspires with “the dirt and gritty!” And even though I pride myself as one being very witty- I sometimes long to live at the North Pole! Hey, my full name is Rudolph and Christmas is only 6 months from today! What is really funny is that my kids got me my own personal air conditioner for the bedroom for Father’s Day! I immediately turned to my wife Terri and jokingly asked her, “Where are you going to sleep now?” I was envisioning icicles hanging from my pillow and a wind chill of negative 20 on Route 83!

But I eventually go full circle and exit my self-centered circle of one! And when God gets a hold of my senses- I return from my spout off sessions with a heart that longs to be selfless and used by him. I love the fact that God allows us to vent and talk and jump and shout and knock ourselves out- as long as we follow him in humble obedience! The Lord knows I will do whatever he wants- wherever he wants it done whenever he may choose to use me! I know I may make a lot of noise in what can be at times expressed in an intolerably full volume- but when push comes to shove- I desire my life to shout to the world of the goodness of the Lord!

If summer is the season to go dancing in the streets- then let me do so with the heart of a child. And if raindrops start falling on my head- then I will play out in the storm while jumping in a few puddles along the way! I will sing my song out very strong with the hope and prayer that maybe you might just sing along. I want to run against the wind with the heart of a warrior and assure you that you don’t need to worry baby because everything is going to be alright! It’s a miracle- a true blue spectacle that I’m still here and this genuine Jersey boy is going to walk like a man whatever God has planned! I’m a believer and I could not leave here if I tried! God’s truth is in my ears and in my eyes and whatever the fool may choose to believe- this follower has decided to take the love of God to the streets! Do you want to dance with me as we grow up still crazy after all these years?

I have no idea what is ahead. Part of me actually doesn’t really care about the details. The guarantee that I have is no matter where I go- the presence of my Lord will be right here! So as I embark upon my 18th year as the Pastor of The Lighthouse Church, I want to renew my childlike innocence that clings to the fact that if I believe- I will see and taste and know the glory of God in our midst! I never want to wander this earth without the wonder of heaven! And no matter how many miles I may have left to go-let’s just say I long to not only make the trip- but be aware enough to enjoy the journey! So have great summer and the best Christmas ever!



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