5 06 2014

I just began preaching a brand new series at The Lighthouse Church based upon the Old Testament Book of Esther. I believe this ancient tale about a woman’s courage and faith in a God -who although she could not see him physically- was very much busy at work behind the scenes is timelier than ever. Some days you just know that life is so much more than a series of unrelated random coincidences. There are those definitive times in every life that you can point to the movement of an unseen Hand of Providence.

The word “providence” is derived from two Latin words that literally mean “to see beforehand.” The Bible is clear that our God is not caught off guard by the happenings here on earth. We can be confident in a Lord that knows how this story ends and we shouldn’t be stumbling around in the dark over what He has obviously given us his light about. And just because the actual “Name of God” is never mentioned in the Book of Esther doesn’t mean that our Creator still wasn’t very active within its pages! The Master does his best work when human beings are too busy being preoccupied with the mundane! The Lord will be faithful to keep his word even when we people don’t remember a sentence of what he has already said! We don’t make God, God- but it is he who makes us what we are and it is in him we live and move and have our very being!

The problem is that all too often as believers; we accept God’s presence in our lives intellectually in theory but deny its very practice. We still operate as if everything was up to us. God is close by waiting for our call but we never even dial heaven! Prayer becomes a last resort or an act of desperation when looking to find God in the midst of any mess we might be in should be our first move and biggest priority. God is never absent. He is not on vacation. Unlike Elvis- Jesus never leaves the building!

Make no mistake about it- “God’s will” will always be done! Though he may not show up with fanfare and neon, he has promised us to work all things together for good for those of us who choose to love him. And our Lord has a way of turning apparent disasters into a triumphant victory in a twinkling of an eye. In a moment- our eyes are opened and we discover that we were never alone and never in danger. Obedience was the key for the truth to be revealed. Look up and look out because once we acknowledge God and lean not to our own understanding- the stage is set for the supernatural to intervene. Though God may seem invisible- he is still invincible!

Esther was given a choice to become selfless. She had the opportunity to impact not only her neighborhood- but her nation! Esther was incredibly beautiful but in no way was her personality shallow. She made a gutsy move that in the end would change the course of not only her story but history! For such a time as this- God placed Esther in a strategic position to move by faith and not by sight. The most secure place that any of us could ever be is to be right smack dab in the palm of God’s hand! No matter what and where that hand may land- we will be safe within God’s grip of grace!

Esther had to make a stand in spite of what her surroundings and circumstances appeared like. She had to decide whether to step it up or shrink way back, Her example serves as a challenge for all of us to consider whether we too have been placed where we are- as we are- and who we are- to do what God wants us to do for such a time as this! Stop passing the buck and wishing that somebody else would care enough to make a positive impact. Perhaps that hero could and should be you! And don’t be surprised to sense the powerful divine wind of God at your back when you dare to move towards accomplishing his will!



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