23 03 2014

This week I challenge my Facebook and Twitter and Blogging Family to be brave enough to be willing to GIVE AWAY something of value to you-
Something that really means something to you!
Something that includes sacrifice because you love what you’re giving!
But don’t just give it away randomly!
Ask God to show you WHO needs what you have to offer…
Watch how God is moving around you and follow His lead!
Look to be an answer to somebody’s prayer this week!
And your gift may be your time or your talent…
It may be an act of service or being there or a needed tender touch!
God gives to us not so that we can hoard away what we have received-
but He fills us to spill us again and again and again and again!
Stop using God to simply meet your own self-centered desires-
Ask Him to use you to love others through you and
I guarantee you will feel like a million bucks!!!
Let me know how it goes! I’m in! How about you???



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