27 09 2013

There are people who erroneously believe that just because you follow God you are somehow exempt from hard times hitting you or your world. This leaky theology attempts to convey a thought process that says that if you are battling storms or experiencing personal suffering of any kind, it must have been because you or somebody very close to you has sinned. Job’s friends believed teachings like that and they were of no help to their comrade at all just when he needed them most! As a matter of fact, I would dare to say that if you exhibit any desire towards seriously following Jesus in this life- you might as well batten down the hatches and make sure your seatbelts are fastened because you are in for a bumpy ride.

We learned this past week that our oldest son Rudy who serves as an assistant pastor out in Johnstown, Pennsylvania with his wife Lindsey and his two sons Jude and Gideon- had to venture to the emergency room because he thought he was dealing with appendicitis. After the medical staff began doing further testing- we had discovered that matters were even more serious. Rudy’s kidneys had shut down and his lungs were showing some strange growths that were causing concern among all those who knew what they were looking at when they read the x-rays! Terri and I were getting these reports in bits and pieces back here in Cape May County and began taking part in a worldwide prayer meeting on Facebook as well as appreciating the spiritual support from our friends and family here at The Lighthouse Church.

Just yesterday, the doctors performed a biopsy in Rudy’s lungs. We don’t know the results of those tests yet. My wife is on her way out to western Pennsylvania to be with our son and his family. I am here in Jersey trusting my Heavenly Father to be what my earthly son needs at this moment. Here is what I prayed yesterday: “Good Morning Lord! Thanks for the promises and hopes and mercies for a new day! Thank you that you already have the results of the biopsy and there is nothing hidden from you! Teach us that to trust you is the wisest move we could ever make! Give Rudy a peace that passes understanding and Lindsey the strength and courage that she will need today! Give Jude and Gideon the comfort that only children can know comes from your hand! And be glorified through this all Lord! I trust you to take care of my son in ways that I am helpless as a Dad to do so today! But I believe in you Abba! I believe in you! Selah and Amen!”

Either God is our God through it all or he is not our God at all! And what good is a peace if we only feel it when everything is going nice and easy? Didn’t the Lord promise to be with us in the midst of the trials and tribulation? Did Jesus ever say that knowing him would exempt us from knowing the hazardous moments that living this side of glory would bring?

I am so proud of my son Rudy. I actually read this on his Facebook wall this morning. He wrote these very words himself and to me it is a modern day masterpiece of a psalm of praise. To me, it is affirmation and a celebration that my son knows who and what matters most! Don’t wait until God opens the door to do your worshipping! Praise him in the hallway! I am sharing Rudy’s words hoping that they may light the fire to fuel your soul! It is always about surrender but not to our situation- but bowing our knee to our Savior!
“What can I say from this fragile form? What can I say for tomorrow?
Nothing more than this: Cling to Christ!
I will not rebuild- I will not stand strong- I will not overcome.
I will not keep calm and carry on.
I will not toughen up- I will not ride this one out- Because I can’t!
There is no amount of strength, no amount of will, no amount of initiative,
no amount of motivation- strong enough, bold enough or good enough
that could spring forth from these bones.
I was not made for independence.
I was not made to strut my renewed vigor in the face of adversity.
I was not made to flex my strength over insurmountable odds.
Because I can’t! But-
I was made to hold fast to the Rock that will not crumble when all else falls apart.
I was made to clench tighter to the Sustainer of life.
I was made to find my portion in Christ when my flesh and my heart fail.
I was made to experience uncertainty to push me to trust his limitless wisdom.
I was made weak to know the one who is Strength.
I was made to need and need and need.
Without Him I fail. Without Him I am lost. Without Him tomorrow is but a guess.
Without Him dread and fear mark my steps but with Him, and only because of Him,
I stand secure!
What can I say from this fragile form?
What can I say for tomorrow? I need a Savior.
I need someone who is Strength! I need someone who is Hope!
I need a Promise that will not fail! I need a God who reveals himself in word and action!
And when I hold fast to Christ this is my inheritance!
Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. Whether feast or famine- whether death or life-
whether pain or pleasure- He stands victoriously Sovereign over all of these things!
And I bow fragile, humble, and needy at His mercy to His glory and fame!”

So we press on that even in knowing nothing of this earth- we know it all because we know our God and he knows us and that is all we need to know at all!



3 responses

27 09 2013

Rudy – You and God taught your son well. What he wrote was beautiful. I am keeping him and your whole family in my prayers. – Melba

28 09 2013

Rudy, been following on Facebook and with live reports from Ann. Your son is such a testimony to faith. No one can imagine what you’re all going through except the ONE who created us….Because HE lives…thanks for sharing all of this. John

4 10 2013
Tony and Karen

Pastor Rudy- The other Pastor Rudy, as you so say, is and will be a testimony to many here as well as the divine appointments that he will encounter for God’s glory while he is on this journey. we are praying for your son

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