13 09 2013

Earlier this summer I had a medical procedure called an arteriogram. It is an imaging test that uses x-rays and a special dye to see inside the arteries. It can be used to literally grab a glimpse of our bloodlines in the heart, brain, kidney, and many other parts of the body. I had one done to see if there were any obstacles evident keeping my blood flowing at full capacity through my body to and from my heart!

It made me think about the need to every now and then take the necessary time and procedures to evaluate how we are doing when it comes to the engine room of our spiritual lives. The Bible tells plainly in the book of Proverbs to, “Above all else guard our hearts because from it comes the wellspring of life.” (Proverbs 4:23). What is genuinely going on inside the core of that which makes up the true you? I have some questions to ask you that I want to act like a holy dye injected into the veins of our souls that will help us define what makes us learning active disciples who are alive and well in growing in our walk with the Lord! Think of these challenges as just what the doctor ordered to keep us healthy in all matters that matter most!

Have you ever thought that there are times that our disappointments with life and the way things go are God’s way of reminding us that we are not as in control as we might think we are? Humility is such an essential character trait when it comes to following God and there will be times that the rug must be pulled out from under us so that we will plainly see that the only foundation worth building upon is a life that anchors itself to the Lord!

What we lament about each and every day can show us what we really worship the most! Whining is when we basically tell the God of the Universe that He is doing a lousy job in our world that unfortunately is suffering only from too much “YOU in your VERSE!” Winning is when you receive whatever you are getting as a gift! It is so important that we stop insisting God give us what we want when true life is found when we invest the necessary tools to uncovering the grace that God supplies us with what we really need!

This isn’t rocket science! It is as simple as just heeding the words of Jesus when he told us that “Where our treasure is- there will our hearts be also” (Matt 6:21). Take a lengthy honest inside look at your spending habits and approach the assignment as if you were someone else trying to conclude what it is that matters most to you!

You can actually care so deeply about something that it actually can become your reason for living and hence- without you even realizing it- turning it into an idol in your life! Don’t ever give the place that God deserves in your affection to someone or something else. You shall have no other gods before you other than the One and only who deserves the title of deity in your spirit. Don’t allow your life to be robbed by all the “What If” questions. Live in the security of what you know actually is because God said it- and you believe it and that is the truth that will set you free!

Where do you go when you are hurting? Who do you run to when you need a refuge? Don’t tell God that he is your number one if he always ends up as your last resort- and your end of the list go to source! Psalm 46 tells us that God is our constant and faithful provider of strength. The Lord is our help in times of trouble! He is so much so that we should not fear even if the earth quakes and the mountains fall in the sea! No, we are not stronger than the storm! But God is an awesome God and he reigns from heaven above with wisdom power and love! And there is no chance of losing that kind of power no matter how loud the thunder roars and rolls! The “high ground” we seek reveals the geography of our values!

What has power over you? What are the real issues that get under your skin? Why do you allow the things that are passing away to steal your joy and rob your opportunities to put your best foot forward? Is bitterness spoiling all the good fruits that God has tried to bless your garden with? Have you allowed your inability to offer forgiveness to rot the landscape of your life? Passion is a result of us allowing God to turn our pain into productivity that doesn’t destroy us but produces indestructability within us?

Where do you allow your imagination to go and wander? What fantasies have a grip on you and put a twinkle in your eyes? Aspirations are fine- but the question is what is driving you to those dreams? Is your motivation to use your life to bring glory to God or is it your own fame and fortune? Are you using things and loving people? Are you surrounding your days to the Lords so he may use you rather than you trying to exploit and use him?

It is time to allow Doctor Jesus to create in us a clean heart and provide inside of us some healthy spiritual arteries where the lifeblood of God can be pumping to us leading to a supernatural light shining through us! God longs for your life to be a great adventure and not just an extended nap time! It is time for God to set the table and feed us the healthiest of heaven’s fare so that while we are living here on earth- we will represent fully his presence there! This kingdom is fading fast- but God’s reign will never end! He is Lord! Is he your Lord?

Jesus lived a story of glory because He wholeheartedly obeyed his Father. What kind of story are you living and who is the glory for? Here is my heart Lord Jesus! If you don’t have total access there- then nothing else I may do matters at all! Change my heart O God and make it ever new! Change my heart O God- and make me more like you! Amen!



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15 09 2013
Jesus Healing Lives

Amen!! Needed that. 🙂

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