22 08 2013

When I was in the Dominican Republic recently, I was surrounded by a plethora of creativity exhibited in some wonderful young people who accompanied me on this mission. I had never been around so many gifted musicians and artists and thinkers and authors and theologians all under the age of 21. When somebody wasn’t writing a song, or jotting deep soul snippets within a journal, he or she was singing or playing or preparing a new drama for the kids in San Marcos that we were doing for Bible school daily.

An amazing young lady named Angel and two awesome young men named Jahvin and Ryan, under the watchful eye of our Youth Director Adam, actually composed a song in Spanish that we sang over and over again in Puerto Plata. The title in English was “We Will Fly” but I loved the Latin translation “Volveremos” so much better. Everyone both young and old would soar around the room like a bird or a plane, and yes even Superman when we sang it. I loved picking up the little ones and holding them high over my head so they could fly as we vocalized. I also coaxed some of the wallflowers out on the dance floor so they too could be part of the praise jam. You can’t be crooning lyrics like, “I will ascend through the clouds and I will lift my eyes to Jesus, we will fly,” sitting down.

It was in the spirit of all that ingenuity that I too felt a song coming on. I couldn’t write the tune to my words right there in the Dominican because I only play the piano and they don’t travel as well or as easily as guitars do! Anyway, I want to share my composition with you today because you too might need a reminder of the wonderful redemption and renewal that God supplies just when we are desperate for it the most.

Too often we ask ourselves, “What did I do wrong?” when life doesn’t cooperate according to our agenda. But living this side of heaven will never produce a trouble free existence or be without intense pressure at times pounding upon our hearts and minds. Basically it always all comes down to us etching the truth of God within our brain so that we don’t get beaten up by the barrage that nobody escapes fully from.

Jesus is not in my life to make it easier and comfortable. Doing what is right will often lead us to be faced with very wrong results. Jesus is in my life to bring purpose out of the pitiful and perilous seasons. I can’t quit in the middle of a masterpiece that God has promised will finish with a victorious ending. I just need to regularly come clean and be honest and open about the state of faith and my relationship with God. This is what my song, which by the way contains verses that rhyme, is all about. Enjoy, and maybe when the music is complete, I will sing it to you with my own motions.

Set My Soul Free … Words by Pastor Rudy

I have wandered, I have strayed, Left you lonely, Should have stayed.
Broke my promise, Broke my word, don’t remember, all I’ve heard.
But I need you, need you now, More than ever, Hear my vow.
Take me back Lord, Cleanse my heart, Brand new colors, Brand new start.

And the grace of my Jesus, Come rain down on me,
Please untie my knots, and set my soul free.
I want to come home Lord, Come lead over me-
And live all my days Lord, and set my soul free.

I have stuttered, I have stalled, Left me speechless, and you appalled.
Broke my union, Broke my bond, empty embers, Fire gone.
But I want you; Want you near, more than ever, Lord I’m here.
Take me back Lord, Know there’s more, I’m your servant, that’s for sure.

And the grace of my Jesus, Come rain down on me-
Please untie my knots, and set my soul free.
I want to come home Lord, Come lead over me,
And live all my days Lord, and set my soul free.

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22 08 2013
Ray Bailey

Excellent song Pastor 😉

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