21 09 2012


Now I want to start this column by saying that I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican.  The politics of politics and its ambiguity drive this individual absolutely bonkers.  One of the reasons that I would not make a good politician is because I don’t schmooze well at all!  God wired me to be a “tell it like I see it” kind of guy!  I am not saying that I am always right.  I know that I have been wrong on many an occasion and have sincerely used the words, “I am sorry,” and “Please forgive me,” more times than I have fingers on my hands to count upon.  But I can’t pretend to like something that I don’t!  And I have been known to make the crowd less crowded many times along the way especially when I think the crowd is going in a foolish direction!  And that is what I want to write about today!  I think the crowd is heading for a crash and I would be crushed and crass if I didn’t cry out about it!

When did it become cool to “Boo God?”  You have got to be kidding me!  At the recent convention of one of the parties, when it was recommended that God be reintroduced into the platform- the crowd actually jeered its decision.  Now I am not so dense to believe that everybody must or even will believe in a higher power.  God gave man free will and one thing that power is incapable of pulling off is making one love another!  Truly this is a conscious decision of the head and the heart!  But it is one thing to not believe- it is a terribly disrespectful step and an idiotic move period to openly and publicly boo God!  No wonder we live in a society that has lost its ability to display common courtesy to those in authority.  Teachers take their lives in their hands just to simply discipline students. Poor policemen, who daily put themselves in harm’s way for us, hardly ever get the backing of the people when they make a gutsy move to enforce the law.  Our soldiers who are literally dying overseas in Afghanistan have been forced to be the ones to take sensitivity training so they may better treat their enemies! Even as a Pastor, I recently had a child look me in the eye at church when I told him that he couldn’t go into the gym at that moment and rudely spit out, “Who do you think you are?”  And if we aren’t afraid to defy God- then who else stands a chance?

I believe that wisdom begins to take shape inside a human being’s soul when he or she finally realizes that they are not the center of the universe.  This world was not created as a playground just for their own enjoyment and comfort!  I must ask these questions today!  How can an intelligent and informed individual genuinely come to the conclusion that we can have a fearfully and wonderfully made creation- but no creator?  Think about it!  Use your brain!  Is it possible to end up with an intricate and fine-tuned design in our universe but really come to the conclusion that there is no designer behind it all?  And just go away with the “Big Bang” already!  When have you ever heard a big bang around you and your first thought was, “Wow, something wonderful must have just been created?”  Teacher said every time there’s a random explosion- the universe gets its wings!  Give me a break!  You and I both know that when we hear something go boom- we all think what has come to end- not what has just begun!  Could it really be that not believing in God has little to do with your intellect and more to do with the plain fact that if you are the highest form of life- then nobody can tell you what to do or not to do?  Isn’t booing God nothing more than humanity acting like little kids who have the audacity to shake their fists at the heavens and proclaim boldly and boastfully, “Who do you think you are?”

Booing God doesn’t make the Lord insecure by the way!  He has been booed before and will be booed again!  I just don’t think that it is a good precedent for anyone who wants to be president!  I think the strongest people that I have ever been blessed to have known are those who admit they aren’t the strongest option around.  There is Somebody bigger than you and I and isn’t it amazing that as much as you might not believe in Him- He still believes in you!  He still loves you and longs for you to invite His leadership into your life.  Anybody who thinks that real life is found when you can do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it wherever you may be doing it is very mislead.  Boundaries make the game meaningful.  Standards give the journey purpose.  Respect is another word for love and you won’t love what you don’t respect.  So can I make you believe in God?  Absolutely not!  But be careful when you boo Him!  You may be booing the One who is your best hope for purposeful present and a fulfilled future! As for me, I humbly pray that my life is a standing ovation to the One who has graciously given me not only a reason to live- but a peace to know that no matter who claims the earthly titles- God holds the eternal deed!







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21 09 2012
Karen Sweitzer

I agree with you. I always say to my “non believing” friends, isn’t it smarter to believe just in case? They always want proof! My come back is, why would God make it that easy. Then everyone would just believe with no appreciation.
It saddens me that the world seems to be on a downward spiral as far as respect goes. It frightens me actually.

21 09 2012

Rudy, I take issue with the politicos who ‘insist’ that religion, or at least *their* version of it, takes center stage. The same people who scream one candidate is Muslim are heartlly embracing a candidate who’s religion is ‘cultish’ to say the least. We need to look at both sides without the rose colored glasses and say ‘what one would do what is right, and just, and fair for us’ all and leave the religious rhetoric out of the equation, cause we all know that the devil himself can quote scripture for his own benefit. I have been condemned to hell by a minister who said I was ‘registered to vote’ the *wrong* way and God told him to tell me that….I told him the jury was still out on his statements as I didn’t personally believe that God intentionally took the day off to give him free reign in His place.

21 09 2012

Not only were they booing the inclusion of God into their platform they were also booing the inclusion of the statement ” Jerusalem is the Capitol of Israel. ” Some where in our lifetime A radical group of terrorist called Hamas became politically correct and supported by our recent government. The declaration of Hamas being a terrorist group was also left out and never put back in.
These issues that were played out at the DNC that afternoon, were under reported or not reported at all by the national media. At some point during the convention enough pressure was put on the DNC/Obama and someone decided to add God and Jerusalem, but kept the Hamas Terrorist declaration edited out. The vote was taken the leader refused to listen to the majority voices who wanted to keep the full edited version out of their platform, God and Jerusalem to be stated as the Capitol of Israel was then added. The booing was a result of the leadership not acknowledging the delegates not wanting to change vote which was to change
the DNC platform. Editing our Judeo-Christian values out of their platform is what the leadership tried to do, they were caught and pressured into including 2 of the 3 edited values. Sadly, Hamas was overlooked and is still edited out of the platform, it has to make you wonder why a group of Terrorists who want to kill the Jews in Israel, who want to kill a nation we our close to and nationally committed to supporting since it’s creation are now a friend of the DNC.

25 09 2012

No booing God here. I say YAY to the King of kings and Lord of lords, who was and is and is to come. Amen

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