23 03 2012


Do you want to fire me up and get my motor running on all cylinders?  Just tell me that I can’t do it and that’s all it is to it!  Tell me that something is impossible especially after God has clearly opened the door by faith for me to trust Him and walk His way even though I already know it might be a lonely stroll!  The impossible becomes possible when “I’M” out of the way!  The underdog becomes the winner when he or she doesn’t allow the crowd to call the shots but listens intently to the one voice that matters most- the voice of the One who created them in the first place!  God said it, I believe it- now let’s get going because nothing gets done when we just debate it over and over again!  100% of prayers never prayed always get unanswered every time!  Today is the day to get out there and prove the experts all wrong!  Today is the day to try- because that is the first and most important step if you are ever going to really fly!       

Why is my competitive blood boiling today? It has lots to do with all the negative press that one Tim Tebow has been getting since he first landed in the spotlight.  Tim Tebow is an outspoken man of faith!  He cares about his family!  He works hard at everything he does because almost all of his life he has been told that he won’t make it.  Even the doctors told his mother that she should abort Tebow before he was born because he had little chance to survive birth itself.  He survived all right!  Were the doctors angry they were wrong?  He doesn’t party at bars until dawn.  He doesn’t play with guns.  He doesn’t father babies out of wedlock.  He treats women with respect.  He humbly always puts the limelight on His Lord and his teammates and others after games during his interviews.  Now you know why it is so easy to hate him right?  It is the old adage that if somebody is doing it the way that you should be doing it- rather than stop and ask them to help you be lifted up- it is just so much easier to drag them down into the dirt with you!  He can’t be real!  He is a phony!  Nobody can be that sincere.  And to that nonsense I reply- yes they can be! 

Tim Tebow took over the Denver Broncos last year as the starting quarterback when they were one win and four losses.  All he did was take a mediocre team at best and finished eight wins and eight losses and then shocked everybody by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in a play-off game with lo and behold a touchdown pass of 80 yards! But the windbags in the media booths say positively that Tebow can’t throw!  It just blows me away how the critics can tell Tim Tebow that he can’t win in the NFL when he already has! How many of these so called “experts” have ever won a play-off game against a better team in dramatic fashion!  All Tebow has ever done is win!  He won two National Championships with the Florida Gators!  Oh that was college- and this is the pros say the more athletic than thou scouts!  And now Tebow who was unceremoniously but understandably dumped by the Broncos when Peyton Manning became available is a New York Jet!  Timsanity joins Linsanity on Broadway and I think that it is wonderful!  Where else but on America’s biggest stage should we see two wonderful young men of faith not only succeed but soar and show America that it doesn’t matter what others say about you.  You need to believe that God created you with talent and that holy ability needs to be used and shown and highlighted to let the watching audience around you see your good work and give a standing ovation to the God in heaven who has also done it for everybody else and they could know that if they would only stop looking around for their props and start looking up and fixing their eyes where they truly belong!       

Do you have a Parent telling you that you will never amount to anything?  Do you have a Coach who has labeled you as a lost cause and hopeless case?  Do you have a Teacher that has drilled into you that you are dumb and not bright and should start looking for a career that doesn’t demand much education?  Do you look into the mirror and see junk?  Stop it!  They are not right and you are not seeing clearly!!! Remember that it was the overly self-righteous Pharisees that told Jesus that he was a loser- a nobody from Nazareth- a hero in his own mind- and just look what He did!  Look closely at what He accomplished and he never had the approval of the media of his day!  But the regular people loved Him and looked to Him and were inspired by Him and He changed their lives forever! Jesus changed my life forever!  Jesus has made a difference in Tim Tebow and it might just be that the light that shines from his life makes those who are stuck in the dark uncomfortable.  But nobody has to stay in the dark if they don’t want to!  Anybody can live in the light if they will just choose to!  Your response is your responsibility! 

If somebody tells you that you can’t- don’t stop believing!  I have been told that I can’t do it again and again and again!  And every time some well-meaning “man of the world” calls me an idiot for being a man of simple faith- I use it as personal fuel to show them that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! As you can tell- it sure does fire me up!  I am praying that it will fan the flame under you also!  Brace yourself Big Apple- Timsanity has come to town and as long as God is directing this show- it can’t lose!!!!  I have my tickets- do you?



One response

24 03 2012

Pastor you are right. We say we have faith. Then Tim comes in are lives and all us who have faith. Say he isn’t anything special just because he loves Jesus. Well he is and he is passing the word to everyone. I’m a Ny Giant Fan but tiebow I will follow you on any team. And NO ONE has the right to tell us we are no good. Trust in God. Ps. Pastor I must make a confession. I’m Not a NY Mets fan since 69you 86 Champs. I am yes a New York Yankee Fan.
Rudy God Bless Praise the Lord.

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