3 02 2012

Image                                                                   I just finished the book Courageous by Randy Alcorn yesterday.  And even though the movie is already out and being devoured by Christians and church groups everywhere, I am a stickler to always try to read the book first and then see the film afterwards!  It is the story of police officers Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, and their professional partners and their daily doings of having to deal with street gangs and dangerous crime on the streets of Albany, Georgia. But even when they remove their badges, they can’t check out from being responsible and caring leaders!  These men still must face the daunting challenges that fatherhood brings along with it. As their children begin to be pulled away in so many different directions by the temptation traps planted all around them, these brave men commit to finding a way to serve and protect and love unconditionally those nearest and dearest to them—and in the process, make life changing progress in their personal relationships with God!

When I wrapped up my reading yesterday of this emotional novel, the old hymn “Rise Up O Men of God” came to mind.  The lyrics go something like this:

Rise up, O men of God! Have done with lesser things… Give heart and mind and soul and strengthto serve the King of kings.

 We live in a day when a man playing the blame game has become a very popular activity!  If I did something wrong, it must be somebody else’s fault!  And even when men make public apologies for mistakes made, more often than not- they are not sincere in their repentance but are only saying, “I’m Sorry,” so that they can move on and go right back to what they doing just moments before they got caught!   If we are serious about being men of integrity, then we must fearlessly embrace the responsibilities that God himself has called us to.  It is time to step up and speak out not run away looking for the nearest exit so that we don’t have to get involved!  Take it like a man needs to be redefined as a whole new younger generation watches to see what we are going to do!

We also need to be willing to move beyond past failures in order that we may be able to tackle the present problems that must not prevent us from staking new property and gain new ground in the future!  Forgiveness is key in setting men free from the prison bars that will attempt to hold them back forever!  The memory of a bad experience must not be used as an excuse but seen as a challenge to break the cycle so that your bike may ride free into God’s new promised lands!  We men must wake up and smell the daylight while we still have precious minutes left upon our game clock!  It is time to emerge from a life mired in confusion and apathy.  We men need to do more than just watch sports and allow other people to steal adventures that were meant for us!  As a matter of fact, God always has new assignments for those who show up to roll call!  And instead of wishing that the guy next to you will volunteer for the exercise- maybe today is the day you raise your hand so that God can raise the level of intensity in your very soul!


Hey men, do you take seriously your God given invitation to be the strong spiritual leader for your family?  This doesn’t mean attempting to be perfect or holier than thou or a fake and a phony!  Lord knows that we already have reached the quota in having enough wise guys play dumb when it comes to modeling genuine faith in front of their families!  Do you have the guts to be real?  Are you strong enough to be open and honest and share what you feel?  This strength also takes humility that we don’t always know what to do and we can’t fix everything and we need one another for the wisdom and council and accountability to get it done! If you are serious about leaving a strong legacy- you must be willing and courageous and committed enough to live intentionally.  It is not just going to happen by circumstance and chance!  You must be ready to sign up and show up and man up when it comes to the immensity of this task that stands before us. 


How would you describe your resolve as a man of God, Christian man, father, dad, and husband?  What do you want to see change?  Are you willing to throw your hat completely in the ring rather than the quitting towel?  It can all begin today- right now- right here- and start with you!  I don’t know about you men, but I am tired of playing church when God has empowered us to be His church!  Onward Christian soldiers- we are marching into war- and what is at stake is the souls of our wives and kids!  Is there anything more valuable than that?  We were meant to be courageous!  Cowards need not apply!  God has given us the spirit of dynamite for our spirit!  It is time for us to blow up those chains that have too many of our families in bondage and be part of Operation Freedom!  Who is in?     

The Lighthouse Church, 1248 Rt 9 South in Cape May Court House is showing COURAGEOUS: THE MOVIE- Sunday Night February 12th at 6 PM…  Call 465-6690 for more information. 





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