5 03 2011

Last night I went to see Middle Township High School’s musical production of Camelot…  I have something in common with that play as we were both born and were introduced to this earth back in 1960 and I guess that is why I have always felt a strange but very real kinship with it…  John F. Kennedy had just been elected as our new president in the fall of that year and when Camelot hit Broadway in December I was a hopeful and still show room new 10 month old infant.      

Maybe it is because I too am a dreamer, constantly yearning and longing for a world that is so much better than the one we have got, that my heart and soul so resonates with the driving theme of this play which is to get to a place where “we fight for right and not might… and celebrate the reality that “chivalry is not dead but very much alive and well…”

We had it once in the Garden of Eden…  God lovingly planted us in an environment where our sole purpose was to walk with him and enjoy and explore the majestic world around us.  We could express our souls without insecurity and jealousy and an unhealthy competitive nature that blocks so many songs from ever being sung and so many sonnets from ever being composed.  Who really cares if Randy and Paula and Simon think that I have talent and that I am doing alright as longs as the Master encourages me with his “well done my good and faithful servant?”  I was created to blossom and bloom before an audience of One- but I have sold out the rights of my creativity to the wrong one way too many times along the journey…  

And we get caught up in the drama of the scene that we are stuck in because of the times and places we are born.  And today in 2011, so far removed from the knights of the roundtable in King Arthur’s court and what seems like forever since the times of John and Jacqueline we live today in a chaotic situation where the politically correct values have hijacked our very uniqueness which unfortunately never gets to see the light of day.  And I yearn for something so much more than what I am served in the daily cafeteria of earth!  I want substance and soul and grit and genuine human touch and the encouragement to fly like a hawk knowing that I was designed by my God to soar like an eagle and not putz around like a chicken!  I want love to be passionate and compassionate and filled with the promises that, “no- never will I leave you- winter, springtime, summer or fall… No never will I leave you, no, not at all!”  I want Camelot!      

 So I continue on, with my feet on the ground in this world, but knowing undoubtedly that my heart really belongs in another…  And I won’t give up the quest for Camelot for I know in my DNA that it is real…  It is the place where grace and truth are the laws of the land and it is the field that I know this fertile spirit within me will one day be planted to be given the proper time and nourishment to grow and flourish into the harvest that I was meant to be!

Until that season- my message to all of you must be the same challenge that Arthur gave to Tom at the end of the play:  “Don’t let it be forgot… That once there was a spot… For one brief, shining moment that was known as Camelot…” 

What was once- will be again- and I don’t want to miss its revival!



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